Salesforce CRM

CRM or Customer Relationship Management helps business owners to handle certain challenges like sales decline or client attrition.

A CRM tool can provide innumerable advantages to a business. It provides a keen eye into the client’s base so that a business owner can ponder the tactics required to built a long-term relationship with the client and formulate strategies that would lead to ground breaking profitability. It also acts as a speedy bookkeeping system. It keeps track of every cent of revenue generated plus shipping costs, product discounts and client returns to come up with an accurate financial report at the end of the year.

Manual business processes can be automated through CRM thus leading to efficiency. It even blocks your path if you go down the road of choosing a wrong target customer segment. Client administration program provides valuable information about durable sales trends so that you can design your sales strategy accordingly.

CRM helps in keeping the customer service fluent and effective by helping the employees to respond to queries effectively. The software also provides an insight into the client’s order pattern thus ensuring no mess-up of any order.

Today CRM is moving towards cloud computing and the traditional expensive servers and software is off the hook. It is easier to maintain and manage customer conversations and information in the cloud and also remove extra costs for maintenance thus leading to a high return on the investments.

Salesforce is leading the cloud platform war. With Salesforce CRM small businesses can get access to top features and facilities available to world’s greatest companies. The Salesforce CRM is a user license based tool that can be easily implemented by IT companies. It provides a platform where all the professional teams can come to work together. Making use of the functionalities like customer management, sales automation and social media analytics provide by Salesforce tools, IT companies can generate more sales and better customer satisfaction in a cost-effective manner.

Salesforce CRM has been proven to increase sales productivity by 32 percent. You can have an easy and simple contact management experience and grow your revenue tremendously with helping insights from the Salesforce enterprise analytics team with fully personalized reports. A plus of Salesforce CRM is that it is mobile and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Salesforce proudly proclaims to be trusted by 100,000 + companies. If you want your sales to scale new heights, then try out Slaesforce CRM today!

Enterprise solutions

In today’s world, all businesses are facing cut throat competition. This requires them to be smart in their business strategies so that they can achieve sky-high profits.

Businesses often require expert opinions whenever they identify an overarching challenge. So it calls for the companies to do what they do best and leave other worries like handling paper works and building strategies to experts or partners.

An enterprise is a term used to describe a big business network. Hence enterprise solutions refer to business solutions for larger network corporations. It encompasses various aspects of computer technology business solutions. It provides a set of strategies crafted by experts that gives a business access to first grade technological solutions so that the business resources can be realigned to give greater efficiencies and performances.

The need for enterprise solutions may arise as a result of several factors. It might sometimes happen that the traditional software systems used for generations cannot integrate seamlessly which might lead to operational issues. Data and content may face difficulty while converging maybe due to their origin being in different platforms. This calls for expert solutions for management. Continuous growth of business requires the IT infrastructure to be upgraded from time to time. Sometimes smart strategies from experts prove advantageous and more cost efficient.

Enterprise solutions provide scalable and easy to manage programming solutions for business management and makes information accessibility for clients more convenient. Every enterprise solution should have certain threshold characteristics. Firstly, the solution provided should be secure enough to ensure the client that no sensitive information would find its way outside the protected loop. Secondly, scalability should be give utmost importance so that the option to accommodate more clients is not dim. Thirdly, it should be portable and adapt to any change in technology. Fourthly, it should be cost efficient and not lead to additional costs for its development. Last but not the least, it should provide the ability to manage the implementation easily.

Challenges are indispensible when it comes to business growth. Enterprise solutions not only add value to an enterprise by leveraging technological strategies but also help drive businesses by helping them to handle risks. These solutions help the businesses to achieve streamlined operations and improve agility and performance. They are basically used to interface or integrate with other various applications and deploy across various networks but keeping in terms with the required security and administration management techniques.

IT Applications

The word “information” is quite diverse. It ranges from everyday usage to giant technological interpretations.

In simpler terms, it refers to knowledge derived from study, instruction and experience. The term “technology” on the other hand refers to the application of the knowledge derived with the practical aim to change, manipulate and improve the human environment.

Technology implies the use of tools, materials, techniques and sources to make work more productive and hence, life easier. Technology emerged as soon as man started handling tools. It even started to be used for managing information as the amount of information became so huge that the human mind was incapable to store it and process it efficiently.

Today we cannot imagine a life without IT applications. New applications come up everyday making our life easier and more convenient. It is very difficult to defy the power of mobility prevailing in the world nowadays. IT Applications now allow you to sit at home and attend a conference. Reserving movie tickets over the Internet, paying your phone bill over the phone, viewing your results without pushing your way through to the notice board are just a few examples. When we look around, million applications would stare back at you.

Advancements in science and engineering are almost entirely dependent on microprocessor controlled devices. Meteorologists predict the future weather by combining a bunch of weather conditions from various sources and then build a mathematical representation for the behavior of the atmosphere. CAD and CAM programs help engineers to create structures that just leave you dazzled.

One of the largest IT applications is for storing and managing business and financial records. With the large amount of details to be stored, companies cannot manage without database applications. All financial transactions take place electronically.

The use of IT applications is also visible for education purposes. It has brought revolutionary changes in the instructional methodology with the use of images, animations, videos, powerpoint presentations and e-learning putting the traditional techniques to rest.

Also, with the Health care IT applications in medical field, we see the advent of new equipments and instruments that provides detailed 3-D images of every body part bringing the flaws into limelight. This makes detection of an ailment easy and hence, early treatment which leads to efficient cure.

IT has also created various options for entertainment like games, television broadcasts, live music and video streaming, animated movies, satellite radio, etc. which can be accessed through phones, notebook computers, laptops or television with the help of a cable connection or using new generation WiFi, CDMA and GPRS technologies.

Ecommerce solutions

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner. You want to impress your partner but your over-booked schedule does not provide you with the privilege of going for shopping.

Well gone are the days when shopping used to imply spending hours in a brick and mortar store. With the advent of internet technologies, everything can be done on the screen in front of us!

Ecommerce, in simplest terms, is the buying and selling of products, services and information over the World Wide Web. Ecommerce solutions are available for each and every task in our life. For shopping we have online shopping sites. For retrieving information about a product or service we have people available 24X7 in the respective websites to assist us. If we require service for shifting to a new place, home shifting service providers are always ready to provide us a hassle free shift and they can be contacted online. They pop up with just a simple Google Search!

There are many advantages to availing ecommerce solutions. The first and foremost it saves time and effort. With the over-booked schedules that the people face today, they find it quite convenient to visit a website at anytime and anyplace to buy what they need.

Ecommerce also provides freedom of choice. It provides multiple options for the customers to choose from and settle for the best. It thus leads to rationalization of the decisions made by the customers by allowing easy comparison between the various products and services.

Moreover another advantage of ecommerce solutions is that the items online are available at lower prices than compared to the same available at stores in big shopping malls. This is because the vendor also does not need to rent a store and can cut additional costs of setting up a business like labor costs, costs involved in paper work, etc. They can operate at a lesser margin than a bricks and mortar store.

Moreover, the Internet provides you the opportunity to break the shackles of geographical boundary. You can operate in USA and get customers for China! Ecommerce really agrees with the saying that the world is coming closer and closer.

In today’s world, providing convenient services to the customers is the first rule of a successful business. People find it excessively easy to avail ecommerce solutions than the traditional visit-the-place technique. So if you really care about customer satisfaction and convenience, it’s high time you shift to an ecommerce platform. And if you have already climbed those stairs then start planning on climbing a few more by expanding your business over the Internet.

Application Maintenance and Application Migration

You run your apps on your own server. This makes you to specify order, install and configure hardware for each new app developed.

This might slow down your business. Don’t you think using a self-service interface on the Web is much faster and easier?  And as the hits on your app spikes the self-service web interface can automatically increase storage and bandwidth through auto-scaling. When it’s time to update your app you can just push in the new code without any top notch IT process getting in the way.

The above example of transferring your app from your server to a cloud platform is what is known as application migration. In technical terms, it is the process of moving an application from one environment to another.

Often, migrating an application can be quite complex as noticeable differences exist between the original environment and the target environment. Applications are not typically designed to be portable. For example, an application developed on Windows Azure may have some difficulty exhibiting its potential on Google App Engine. Applications are usually designed to work on the platforms they are developed on.

Let us see an example of a problem faced during migration of an application. If MySQL is chosen as the database system for an application then a function called database replication can be performed. This particular function uses multi casting to communicate between the two database instances. Now if we want to run our application on Amazon and replicate a database then we would fail as Amazon does not support multi casting in its networking layers.

The complexities arise due to differences in the operating systems, management tools, storage system, virtual machine configuration and network architecture. This demands a method that would make the application suitable to be used in any platform.

Application maintenance implies the modifications made to an application or system after it has been developed and implemented. When an application is migrated, certain modifications need to be done so that it works with full potential even in a new environment. Application maintenance is not just restricted to application migration. It is also implemented to increase the efficiency of the application or to add more features.

The problems while application migration calls for precautions to be taken while migrating an application. Use of middleware products to bridge any gaps between technologies is the best option. Migration provides a bunch of advantages like cost efficiency, agility and scalability.


If you are an executive at a large corporate company, your primary responsibility would involve making sure that all your employees have access to the required hardware and software services for their job. But is just buying computer systems and laptops for each of them enough? Probably not. You also need to buy software and software licenses to provide your workers the complete access to the tools they require. The pile of money to be invested just keeps on growing with every new recruit in the company.

What if there comes an alternative to your problems? What if instead of installing the entire suite of software with licenses into each and every computer, you just need to load one application? That one application would allow employees to log into a Web-based service that contains an inventory of all programs that are required by the employees for their everyday jobs.

The above scenario can be termed as cloud computing. It is the delivery of computing services over the Internet. Cloud services allow the use of software and hardware that are maintained and managed by third parties at remote locations. Examples of cloud services include social networking sites, online file storage, webmail, etc.

Cloud computing brings many advantages to the forefront. It is one of the most cost efficient methods to use, maintain and upgrade. By grasping cloud services, licensing and other overhead costs can be reduced. In cloud, you don’t need to worry about either decrease in storage space or increasing your current storage space. Moreover, since all your data is stored in the cloud, you are free of worries about system crashes and failures as the data is almost never lost. Backup and recovery becomes quite easier than traditional storage practices.

Nothing is perfect. This means that even our efficient cloud services can give us at times. It is not very common and happens rarely. When it comes to cloud computing, the basic requirement is Internet. In case of network and connectivity problems, cloud computing doesn’t live up to the promised caliber. Security issues are a disadvantage as all your company’s sensitive information will be shared with a third party service provider. They are always prone to hacks and attacks. There is always a possibility of the stealth of sensitive information. But the major advantage is there are many laws to protect the data privacy and cloud service providers take enough measures. This helps to easily overcome the security problem.

Cloud computing has revolutionized on a massive level in the recent years. Keeping at par with this revolution, Accendo Technologies works with companies to help them develop mobile strategies and develop apps based on cloud that can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.


Today, in the age of IT, solution to every arising problem is software.

All top industries in finance, government, automotive, aerospace, etc. rely heavily on software for various automations and problem solving. To successfully design an idea for a software and bring out the reality of it is an extensive process and without a guiding expertise can turn out to be really complex.

For useful and stable development of software, the process of software consulting is as much important as the developers of the software. Software consultant is a person trained in the field of software development and makes the process of software development simpler by providing expertise guidance.

Accendo Technologies is a new generation IT Company that brings innovative technological solutions to the forefront and assists in sustainable growth of its clients. We pride ourselves in being a software services provider with client success as the central organizing principle. Unlike other software service providers, client success for us is not just a byword that we pass around to gain attention. Client success for us is an essential pivot around which all our endeavors originate.

With every new assignment we commit to raise the bar of technology, process and performance higher and higher. The core of our methodologies is innovation. Unlike other software consulting, we do not believe in providing doctrine solutions. Instead our objective is to work hand in hand with all our clients to gain a pragmatic view of their problems and challenges and provide unique solutions to break the shackles of those challenges. With each assignment, we work with our best potential. We treat each customer as unique and focus on adding long term values.

We assist in providing software solutions for healthcare, real estate, education, retail, media, entertainment and automobile sector. Our services include application development, quality assurance and testing, offshore development, application maintenance and application migration.

Every day at Accendo, we rise up to software challenges with radical thinking, path breaking solutions and collaborative attitude. We set, not simply follow, world class standards through our continuous efforts and determination. When you are with Accendo, you are assured to achieve more than you have expected. The testament of assurance comes from the fact that our customers have demonstrated their trust in Accendo by repeatedly seeking for our guidance for their strategic incentives.

With our acute technological acumens, we thrive to provide game-changing tangible solutions for our clients and assist them in building a successful future.