Salesforce CRM The Latest Innovation In The CRM Applications

Have you ever thought of having CRM software? Is the current one less productive and non-user-friendly? Seemingly, this is the most common problem that organizations face in terms of CRM applications. They always have to go through the painstaking aspect of understanding how the software works and whether it is easy to use or not.

Well! That is the thing of the past. You can check out the new CRM program that has come to the market- Salesforce. This awesome CRM is perfect for our B2B or B2C business. Not only it is effective but has got quite a lot of innovative features and advantages. The following are some of them –

Apt For Any Kind of Business Type

Salesforce CRM is more B2B oriented; however, there are quite a lot of B2C companies who use this solution as well. This CRM solution is apt for call centers, restaurants, retailers, and the list goes on and on.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about the number of employees. While small-scale business may not need a robust system offered by Salesforce, however this application is easy to use and understand. This can be the driving force for purchasing this CRM solution.


When compared to other CRM software available, Salesforce is quite economical and efficient when you consider its advantages and various aspects. Whether yours is B2B or B2C business, this CRM software can be best thing. You can greatly reduce on day to day spending by installing this CRM program for the efficient functioning of your day-to-day activities of your company.

Easy and Customer-Friendly

The best part of using Salesforce CRM is that it gives you the exact requirement that you want. You get the graphical interface that helps your employees to use the software. Employees like those software which have good visuals and display fields which are required. In addition, you can try out the demo version of Salesforce before selecting it.

Executing Marketing Initiative

The biggest advantage of using Salesforce is that it helps in executing the marketing initiatives that you always wanted. Salesforce CRM is reliable application software where you can handle more lead generation activities and nurture mass email capabilities.

To conclude, there may be variety of CRM solutions, but what gives Salesforce a plus point is the ability to understand the needs and requirements of its clients. In short, this CRM solution is flexible and easy to use.

An overview on using IT applications for business

A business needs a great and compelling online platform to stay in front of its rivals in today’s period. A great platform will help you introduce your business in an alternate manner which will thusly build the mindfulness around the individuals about your administrations and items. This is the place IT applications for business from Accendo technologies come into picture.

Clients can gain access to these from any framework assuming that they are joined with us. Hosting these applications and having a great standard of openness is vital for a business’ prosperity.

These mobile apps from Accendo technologies help clients gain access to your from their mobiles remotely. Businesses today don’t work from a solitary spot. Customers now desire for self-serving on the go. Today, everything has become possible because of the evolution that the android and IOS have started. Life definitely has become easier now.

Utility of information technology apps:

IT applications for business from Accendo technologies have today turned into a need in the event that you need to connect with your customers and determine that your administrations are effectively accessible to them. Associating with clients and customers online is one of the most ideal approaches to correspond with them. IT applications can help you outline and incorporate business applications based on your business necessities.

In the event that utilized rightly, the apps from Accendo technologies can make a much more powerful and easy to understand interface. They can likewise help to robotize a percentage of the errands helping you spare a great deal of time in web improvement, as well as with support of your website.

The benefits of using these apps:

IT applications for business from Accendo technologies can help you with numerous errands that can advertise your business and spare you from squandering time and cash on other promoting exercises. They likewise guarantee secure business transactions taking out the danger regularly connected with online transactions and ecommerce.

An alternate focal point is that it makes it simple for business managers to speak with their clients and customers. This can help in expanding deals.

IT applications help managers to develop business strategies as per market trends and predict the outcome of the new strategies. Customer management and maintaining database has become quite easy with the help of such applications. They have different areas of operation and accordingly need to be screened and composed legitimately. If your business is in need of professional and efficient IT applications for business, Accendo Technologies is happy to help!

Testing softwares to eliminate errors

It is a human instinct to commit errors in any task at hand. Getting hundred percent precise and accurate results is not possible by manual calculations and neither by automatic machine calculations. Some of the errors do not cause much harm in our day-to-day life but some of them are so severe that they can bring down the whole system or software. Under such circumstances, it is wise to take care of the errors well before deploying the software or system in an external environment.

Let us consider one example to see how some of our errors may lead to critical disasters. Let’s say a bank offers the option for online transfer of funds. Suppose a person logs in to the bank’s website and transfers a considerable amount of money to another account of some other person. The amount gets deducted from his account and he gets a confirmation regarding the transfer. He is not a bit worried and calls up the other person to let him know that his money has been paid. The other denied receiving any amount. Then they have to visit the bank and settle the dispute. The news would spread and the trust factor in that bank would evaporate. Well, the bank would suffer tremendous losses. In such cases testing the software before its initiation comes as an advantage.

In today’s world no business can advance without the use of IT applications and software. As the use of software has expanded vigorously, the need for software testing services has incremented by many folds. In case of software’s, quality is not a luxury. It has been reported that software anomalies cause the global economy more than $100 billion annually. It’s not just the grumpiness of the customers that software defects bring with them. Sometimes, companies’ faulty software can cause security issues provoking financial implications.

Accendo Technologies, being a pioneer in this field, offers independent software testing services so as to help clients eliminate quality anomalies. This in turn improves the reliability and efficiency of the systems. Accendo professional team ensures that the testing drill complies with user expectation and meets the benchmarked standards. Accendo provides performance testing, cloud testing, security testing and automated testing. They work closely with their clients to meet all the user requirements. By using Accendo Technologies software testing services, you can mitigate any business risk due to software faults and safeguard your profits as well as your reputation.

The impact of mobile technology on business

Smart phones have now become a part of life. It has become a part of your personality today. With thousands of brands and millions of mobile models people now have plenty of choices in hand. They can search and find out the latest mobile set they want. With this growing demand the mobile companies are now introducing newer strategies to impress the customers even more to increase their potential customer base. The selling rate of mobile phones has increased more than 50% since 2010. Then there are the tablets and phablets. Even a few years back tablet used to be a luxury for many people. Today, most people have tablets and they have become pretty comfortable using their 7 inches and 10 inches tablets. Some people are opting for Phablets- the new term in the cellular world. There are phones where the screen size varies between 4inches to 6inches. These devices are known as the phablets- the combination of phone and tablet.

With the usage of android, IOS and other popular mobile operating systems various new business are now trying to use these in favor of their business. To satisfy their customers, to improve work force and to improve connectivity with the customers various new application are there. It is giving the companies the required edge over their business competitors. In last few decades the mentality and expectation of the people have changed. In this era of computers and mobiles they want more flexibility. With the new mobile applications they are getting the much needed freedom and flexibility.

Customers now want to order things using their mobile application or they want to pay their utility bills using the mobile applications. That is why the companies are now coming up new and useful applications for their products and services. The mobile application development sector is working hard to keep up with the expectation of the users.

Man-machine interaction is known as multimodality. Earlier, during the age of IVR you need to use your keypad to communicate with the systems. Now with the voice recognition things have become easier. Now with the use of new age technologies communication have become less painful and more effective. With the new age technologies you can now easily keep an eye on your employees even when you are on the go. This way you will get to know about your employees and their productivities. Update mobile technologies have definitely made the world stronger and better place. Be it your employees or your customer everyone can now be reachable easily. It would definitely be beneficial for your business. Keeping with the trend, Accendo technologies is providing mobile application development to various sectors like health care, real estate, manufacturing, retail, education, media & entertainment and automobile.

Application Development Services

In today’s world, it is impossible to find businesses which do not need the assistance of software packages to satisfy their operational as well as functional needs.

IT has taken the reigns of ensuring the smooth functioning of all the sections of the company which includes the human resource department, the finance department, the manufacturing department and the security department. The manufacturing sector had undergone ample gains by being able to get rid of any sort of errors or mistakes in the designing process.

Even in the education sector, IT has made its mark. It is of great help to the teachers and students in acquiring reading materials through fast access. Availability of online libraries and dictionaries has made grasping knowledge easier and more fun than ever.

In the management field, IT applications help managers to adapt new business processes and predict the possible impact of new technologies. Plus maintaining entire database of your business becomes quite easy with the help of IT applications.

In a world where market statistics and requirements alter every second, companies need to fight to get their IT infrastructure right the first time. IT applications should be such that it provides maximum strategic benefits. If your IT applications are one step ahead than others, you would be the ruler of the industry. We, at Accendo Technologies, understand the dominant and indispensable role that IT applications plays in helping our clients achieve their maximum strategic benefit. We take a holistic approach towards application development services and try to understand how a particular application fits in with the rest of the system and brings an advantage to it.

While rushing towards technological perfection, many companies drive away from the actual business goals that the application is intended to perform. There is also a risk of using applications that do not meet with the code-of-conduct of a particular organization. This might lead to shoot in the budget along with delays. Companies looking for high gains cannot afford such losses.

Hence, we at Accendo Technologies lead the application development services approach by keeping customer engagement at the centre. We develop applications that fit into the ecosystem of our client and are aligned to their culture and strategy. Plus, we do it in the promised schedule and budget. We use Microsoft .Net, PHP, MySQL, Microsoft Dynamics and platforms like Salesforce to create state-of-the-art technologies.

Our application developers are professionally trained to develop high quality applications using the best available technologies and enable our esteemed clients to exploit all opportunities and lead the market.

Application Development in Android and iOS platforms

Today, whenever anyone buys a new phone, the first question that is thrown at them is whether the phone is android or not. What is android and what makes it the heart throb of millions?

It is a Google product and is a linux based mobile platform operating system. And why are they so popular? It is because it is an open platform and anyone from any nook and corner can use it! With millions of android devices being activated every day, it has become the fastest and the largest emerging mobile platform and operating system.

iOS is another mobile operating system specifically for Apple-manufactured devices. Its best known feature is well known today by everyone. It serves as the underlying software that makes it possible for the iPhone users to interact with their phones with gestures such as tapping, swiping and pinching!
Considering the ongoing demand for the android and iOS applications in every industry and sector, we at Accendo Technologies assist various industries in android and iOS application development.
All the major economies of the world are being swept by a storm of change in the healthcare sector. New technology driven innovations are being incorporated into the healthcare facilities as countries are driving towards providing improved patient care and reduced healthcare costs. Accendo Technologies assist the healthcare sector in android and iOS applications development that enable hassle free management of huge pile of patient data and improve the efficiency of service.

Another blooming industry that uses IT applications in a daily basis is the real estate sector. With numerous competitors in the market, this sector shows fierce competition. But they are still entangled with some old problems like mismanagement, repeated costs, lack of transparency and time overruns. Accendo Technologies believe that with the accurately chosen technology, this sector can be revitalized. Our android and iOS applications specially designed for the real estate sector assists in customer management, land acquisition and construction planning and help our clients to lead the race of this competition.

Even in the retail sector, Accendo technologies provide IT based ecommerce solutions that have revolutionized the customer satisfaction criteria. Our applications have changed the address of the media and entertainment zone and have transferred it to mobiles. Watching movies, reading news and playing games – all can be done in your mobiles.

Nothing can underestimate the power of android and iOS applications and we, at Accendo technologies, take pride in providing one of the best android and iOS application development services to various industries.

Custom Applications

The importance of Custom Applications from Accendo Technologies in various business firms 

In the real world, where the business motion has quickened, organizations are compelled to get IT right the first run through. IT applications must help an in number business case and convey measurable key profits. The development of IT frameworks has risen as a real wellspring of focused edge.

At Accendo Technologies, the experts comprehend the prevailing part IT applications play in helping our customers attain their key targets. That is precisely why they take an all-encompassing methodology towards application development to see how a specific application fits in with whatever is left of the biological community.

In the race to achieve scientific and technological perfection, numerous organizations lose track of the business objectives the Custom Applications are proposed to support or assist. There is likewise the danger of executing results that don’t consider the special society and organizational structure of diverse organizations.

The point when development is not dependent upon a broad investigation of the customer association, the Custom Applications from Accendo Technologies are not just blemished. They additionally run into postponements and shoot their plans. Organizations attempting to take advantage of their IT speculations can’t bear the cost of these exorbitant slips.

Keeping client engagement at the focal point of their methodology, Accendo Technologies comprehends the business tests of their customers to make Custom Applications that are adjusted to their method and society. In addition, they do it under amazing timetables and inside plan. Based out of Hyderabad, Accendo’s Custom Applications development group has demonstrated smoothness in developing great IT results. They do so by utilizing a wide range of innovations that empower their customers to utilize upcoming opportunities and lead the business.

Custom Applications from Accendo Technologies can help a business pick up an edge over its rivalry. Today’s business world is quite intense, and so as to survive, an organization must have results that can give them creative and dependable IT base. The developing tests oblige that an organization expand their execution by developing their business forms and in addition their manageability. This is the place custom software results assume an imperative part. By utilizing such results in their workflow, an organization can guarantee their business development.

Security is an alternate enormous issue with up to date organizations. To address this concern, critical security characteristics could be added to Custom Applications from Accendo Technologies. This is done, keeping in mind the end goal to verify that an organization’s information is saved securely. The methodology ordinarily includes recognizing potential dangers and giving results to maintain a strategic distance from them from surfacing later on.

PHP Development

Enhance your online presence with excellent PHP development services offered by experts.

In the current era of increasing competition, small as well as big businesses are in search of some advanced ways to attract more and more clients. They are trying to provide extraordinary and unique facilities to their customers. In doing so, they are expanding their business and services over web by introducing website of their company that showcases the services and products offered by them.

To make your online business stand ahead from the crowd, an astonishing, pleasant and expressive website is essential. To create a bespoke and well-designed website there are various website designing languages and development techniques like CSS, JAVA, HTML, PHP, etc. are available today. These give great opportunity to design a classy and appealing website according to your taste and requirements. Among all, currently PHP has become one of the fastest growing most popular and preferred language to several web developers and experts.

PHP, general-purpose scripting language is preferred by various web developers as it allows them to produce dynamic web pages with ease. If you have a well-designed and prolific business website, you are assured of attaining good online presence. With the help of experienced web developers they can get an all-inclusive, fresh, unique and stunning PHP website and web applications that represent their services and products to the customers efficiently. This is because people will see and like to deal with you as they will get information and understanding about your services at their fingertips. All this will boost up your potential profits and overall growth fruitfully.

To get the best PHP web development services, you require hiring professional web developers so that your work is done efficiently within your budgets. And, among the huge array of PHP development service providers, Accendo Technologies is the most prominent and trustworthy new-generation IT company, expertise in delivering wide-ranging prolific and result-oriented PHP development, application development, application migration services and a lot more fantastic services the entire under single rooftop.

Here, we are having a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals and web developers focused on providing custom PHP applications of any complexity with incredible competence.

We work with an objective to provide you the development and designing work that exactly comply with organizational structure, workflow management and business objectives of your enterprises. With our outstanding services, preeminent technology frameworks and proven methodologies you are assured of accelerating your business to next level of success. Our custom tailored services are structured in a way to totally match industry standard and current market scenario. This also offers flexibility, improved collaboration and scalability to your business.

CRM Software Developers India

A business visionary searches for all conceivable approaches to enhance their business forms for furnishing better customer experience. The organizations can furnish better service when they have the ability to manage the information of clients and customers fittingly.

With set number of customers, it might be less demanding to manage their information and go about according to their requirements appropriately.

With the presentation of customer relationship management framework, it has gotten to be simpler to manage customer information, recognize their requirements and give better customer service. When you actualize the work of Crm software developers like Accendo Technologies, into your business process, you might have the accompanying profits:

Hold Existing Customers – It permits you to hold the existing customers by recognizing and satisfying their requirements at the perfect time.

Lure New Customers - It serves to comprehend the new market slants that can help you to draw in new customers.

Distinguish Customer Needs – The software permits the organization to discover the requirements of the customers that has an immediate effect on their purchasing choices.

Customer Support – The software from Crm developers like Accendo Technologies empowers your business to furnish online customer backing to enhance the help supportive network at decreased costs. It serves to fabricate a stronger customer relationship that can respect higher benefits.

Enhance Business Output – There will be an expansion good to go gainfulness by pulling in new and holding existing customers. The joyful customers will uphold a great and long relationship for business development.

Hence, you must search for an organization that has competencies to create a custom CRM software solution from reputed Crm software developers in India. We at Accendo Technologies modify every solution to match your business necessities.