Top six reasons why Customers prefer Online Shopping

e-Commerce serves as the most cost effective way of promoting business online. People now prefer to buy books, electronic items and health products, sports/hobby items, clothes, etc from online shopping websites. Accendo Technologies helps to develop user friendly content management interfaces that minimize overall cost for updations and maintenance of a website.

Ecommerce proves to be immensely useful to people in making their purchases and selling of products and services on the Internet. These portals can be treated as a gateway for numerous people across the globe to make their transactions at the click of mouse. Making use of latest technologies Accendo Technologies delivers high performance and effective Ecommerce Solutions.

These portals are helpful in promoting a brand or a product. It lets customer have a detailed understanding about the product through its reviews, photos and price tags etc. Accendo Technologies provides a detailed E-Commerce solution aims at developing catalogue, shopping cart, payment gateway and inventory tracking.

e-Commerce portals manage the overall sales workflow in a fast and secure manner. Accendo Technologies with its robust and specialized Ecommerce technologies such Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce solutions and others develops Ecommerce solutions which not only help the client’s goal of increasing sales but also helps in building upon customer loyalty.

There are many reasons why people prefer for buying online:

  • It is a convenient option elderly and disabled. As these E-Commerce portals are open 24*27 you can shop at any time. This saves your time, energy and money spent on travelling, vehicle parking etc.
  • You need not to stand in long queues for shopping, billing etc. Shopping becomes a hassle free task as it is devoid of pollution, relieves you from carrying heavy shopping bags and crowd.
  • Sitting at one place and just with a click of a mouse you can easily so do a comparison of price, features, function of a product. You can search the same product at different Ecommerce Portals at one place. These stores offer a far greater selection of colors and sizes than you will find locally.
  • If the product doesn’t suits you, it can be returned within a specific time period. Based on the company policy either you will get a cash return or replacement of that product.
  • With online shopping before purchasing the product you can read its reviews on the Ecommerce Portals and from other people. This will help you to making right choice.
  • Here there is no sort of compulsion due to shopkeeper’s up-selling where we buy unessential things. We can take plenty of time and research before making a decision.

Thus Online Shopping makes shopping a comfortable and easy experience. Looking at its benefits it is likely to replace the other modes of shopping in future.

Effects of Globalization on offshore IT application development and maintenance

Off-shoring is a process where services like customer support, software development and maintenance are moved to areas where labour costs are less, for example countries like India, China or Europe.

Globalization also influences factors like technological development and its maintenance in the business. Companies are planning to decrease the maintenance costs by adopting global standards for desktops, e-mail systems and servers.

Globalization also affects in the process of application development. Accendo Technologies has a team of technically skilled people who creates advanced Information Technology systems which enhances the operational efficiency of their clients.

Global management of skills helps to minimize the costs. Let us see the effect of Globalization on offshore IT application development and maintenance sector:

  • There is greater investment by software companies in global business services models, shared services and offshoring under a same governance platform. Accendo Technologies implements detailed offshoring methodologies and infrastructures and treat their clients as a part of their team.
  • Recent trends in offshore application development and maintenance services sector indicates specialization and fragmentation of IT outsourcing among various vendors. It is due to the globalization of large companies. Accendo Technologies is a fast growing IT company provides services related to offshore IT application development and maintenance.
  • Globalization leads to a development of catalogue driven model. Where everything like Storage, Communications, Network and monitoring are provided as a service. Customers have various options to choose. They can select their desired services off the shelf with defined validity. This enables them to opt for customized solutions as well.
  • Automated self-service platforms are offered which helps customers to perform tasks like testing or application development and maintenance. Globalization helps buyers to seek standardized solutions from their outsourcing companies, who need to differentiate themselves through performance and not by pricing. There is a strong competition for short-term cost pressures and to provide flexible pricing contracts on service providers.
  • Companies functioning in the areas of offshore IT application development and maintenance have started moving from pure maintenance to full life-cycle projects. With the multiplication of locations and division of teams, the costs of hardware/software and their administration is increasing significantly. Also network bandwidth and reliability is improving and becoming cheap.

In view of global economy – areas related to offshore IT application development and maintenance will continue to evolve. Service providers will need to constantly assess and upgrade their portfolio of services with adequate supply of skills.

Role of Salesforce CRM in transforming Sales and Marketing Campaign

Today the major requirement is not just the customization but also a detailed understanding of the business domain of the customer is necessary. While working with Salesforce CRM the prime focus should be to analyze the business domain of the customer and help him in achieving their business goals.

Salesforce CRM are information systems that helps in automating sales, marketing and managing functions related to sales force. It keeps track of various sales activities like forecasting of sales, managing sales orders, product knowledge etc. It tracks all the details about contacts made with the customer like when was the customer contacted, reason behind the contact and any follow-ups required. This system also identifies those customers which can help an organization in providing sales leads. In this way sales processes are managed effectively and efficiently. This leads to customer satisfaction and builds a long term relationship with the customer.

Some of its benefits lies in building credibility among customers, provides efficient and time bound service to customers, helps in resolving to their queries effectively thus increasing the number of satisfied customers. Salesforce team at Accendo Technologies provides Application Programming Interface and methods to build quick applications that help in making efficient and better communication with customers, employees, partners and devices and apps to be invented in future. It combines various social media sites and communication means like email, mobile, facebook, twitter etc with any marketing product like bicycle to cream and converts consumers into clients successfully.

Accendo Technologies domain centric solution and approach helps in organizing complex business areas into a simple one, and makes them transparent and visible in the entire process of automating sales, operations, distribution and resource availability. It is very important for marketers to track the sales obtained as a result of generation of leads. These leads are generated through marketing campaigns conducted on site, emails, Google Adwords etc.

In order to provide efficient service to customers, connection of communications happening on various social networking sites needs to be done. This helps in solving customers queries quickly and helps in achieving long term relationship and trust with customers.

Three essential characteristics of Customer Relationship Management system which helps us getting the maximum deliverables is:

• It should be highly reliable
• It should deliver high functionalities
• It should be easily maintained
• It should be safe to use

The Salesforce team at Accendo Technologies performs various tasks such as monitoring and analyzing activities of their team. This helps them to forecast sales and sales related plan in a sophisticated manner. These solutions manages customer profile and handles customer case studies thus company can invest more time in empowering them with expertise.

Salesforce Partners in India Help Businesses Flourish

Business sector is a very competitive one, where millions and millions strive to retain a suitable position in the market. With the advent of several technological inventions, businesses are able to achieve their targets easily.

When we mention technical capabilities, what we refer to is the application of several customized software tools in different facets of business. Right from maintaining employee data to handling customers, software applications have helped deliver results accurately and efficiently.

There are many companies in the market who not only help in implementing such software applications but also ensure to maintain and test such applications on a continual basis. Be it application migration or enhancement, such companies delivering IT solutions are always available for any sort of assistance.

Accendo Technologies is one such company delivering efficient IT solutions to a diverse range of clients. One of the most common software applications for retaining customer base is the CRM or Customer Relationship Management solution. A CRM not just retains the existing customer base but also ensures to expand it as well by providing cost-effective solutions. Though a CRM application is involved in increasing automation processes in a business, it is also essential to keep a track on the whereabouts of customer preferences. An effective CRM should be able to manage the customer service requests and complaints by working on them accurately without any delay.

Even though a CRM solution would help a business deliver appropriate results, inclusion of a Salesforce CRM would be more preferable. Accendo Technologies, one of the salesforce consultants in Hyderabad, India, is capable enough of guiding a business to choose the best CRM product on the basis of specific business requirements. A Salesforce CRM encompasses all the appropriate CRM elements that aid in successful development of a business.

The highlight of such a software solution is that being a cloud-based application, it works on the basis of SaaS or Software as a Service. With such a unique and adoptive software solution offered by Accendo Technologies, businesses can now heave a big sigh of relief. Not only does this software help businesses to organize their workflow efficiently, but also aid in effective management of sales pipeline and customer services.

With such innovative approaches, customer satisfaction improves drastically. Some of the unique applications of Salesforce CRM, offered by salesforce partners in India, include marketing automation, customized applications, business analytics, automation of sales force and providing round-the-clock customer services and assistance.

Being a web-based application, Salesforce CRM incurs minimal implementation and maintenance costs. The striking feature of such a software application is that it does not need any hardware or software installation. This can be customized to meet the specific requirements of a business. A Salesforce consultant would help deliver proper results by providing appropriate guidance and training to the employees.

Be it healthcare, retail, real estate or entertainment sectors, Salesforce CRM help businesses maximize their profits by retaining as well as expanding the customer base.

CRM Consultants In India Help Real Estate Industry Increase Its Profits

Maintaining a proper customer base is the most important criteria for the success of any business. A company needs to have a proper understanding of their customer requirements in order to meet out their demands. In doing so, only will a business be able to expand its customer portfolio.

One of the most effective strategies used in most businesses is the implementation of Customer Relationship Management or CRM tool. Accendo Technologies offers this CRM software solution to a diverse range of companies. Implementing such a software application in the business is known to provide a high ROI.

A worthy software for both small and large businesses, the advantages what a CRM can do to a business are endless. With CRM software, the manual processes in business can be further streamlined. The sales software embedded within the software ensures to store the data of all prospective clients. Data sharing becomes an easier task in business post implementation of CRM. Using this application means the entire lot of employees of a company can have access to data on the same platform. An ideal method to avoid redundancy, CRM also avoids the need for maintaining separate databases.

Accendo Technologies, one of the CRM consultants in India, provide such applications that help data mobility and synchronization. With CRM, important data can be accessed and exchanged among users situated in different locations. Any sort of inter-departmental integration in a company is possible by implementing CRM.

CRM consultants develop a fully integrated CRM solution that caters to specific requirements of businesses. With such an application devised by CRM consultants in India, businesses are able to simplify and consolidate reports. Not just these alone, CRM also help Real Estate businesses to keep a track on their customer database and thereby enhance the customer base. Other features of CRM implementation include website integration, integration with Outlook and data security.

CRM has proven to be an effective solution in the real estate sector. Accendo Technologies, being one of the CRM consultants in India, has helped conquer the customer base in real estate industry. With CRM application, real estate companies are able to manage their transactions by satisfying the customer expectations as well. Projects are completed on time at affordable rates with the help of CRM. Customer management plays a key role in the development of real estate sector. By implementing such an application, real estate sectors are able to match the market standards by complying with market regulations as well.

By studying the diverse client requirements, it has become all the easier for software companies to devise customized CRM solutions for the real estate industry as well.

salesforce CRM companies in India

Salesforce Companies in India Continue to Dominate Businesses with its Effective Applications

Maintaining customer base is the most essential criteria for any business. In order for a business to expand, it needs to be well equipped with its customer requirements and demands. It is also important to have an idea of the market as well.

For this very purpose of meeting the expectations of customers, businesses are implementing integrated Customer Relationship Management system or CRM. Such a software application plays a very crucial role in streamlining business processes as well as establishing connections with customers.

Being an integrated system, CRM helps businesses achieve their targets efficiently and accurately. Meeting customer demands promptly help businesses expand their clientele. With and efficient solution like CRM, customers feel privileged that they also form an integral part of the business and in turn help in expanding the business.

One of the most effective CRM solutions, Salesforce CRM is a software application based on the cloud computing platform. Delivered by Accendo Technologies, one of the Salesforce companies in India, this software application enables companies to connect easily with customers. Not only customers, such a solution is ideal in maintaining a good rapport even with employees and business prospects as well.

Such efficient is its working that a business is able to share information effectively across its clients thereby increasing the number of business opportunities. Accendo Technolgies, being one among the Salesforce companies in India, deliver such innovative and flexible software solutions that cater to specific requirements of businesses.

Using Salesforce CRM applications, business can also integrate as well as develop certain customized apps that further help employees to work more effectively and efficiently. Easy connection modes and sharing required information across employees and customers of the company form the major advantages of using this application.

The other reason why Salesforce companies in India are getting popular is the secure working mode of Salesforce CRM and its unique capability to integrate with the most commonly used search engine, Google. Various mobile and desktop applications, which are developed using this, enable employer to stay in touch with employees. The built-in analytics feature of this application makes it ideal for usage across diverse departments of a company.
Another striking feature of Salesforce CRM is maintenance of a content library. Such a library serves as a repository for all important information pertaining to a business. Apart from these features, companies can utilize program management and tracking tools that help in efficient working of the organization. Even activities like social media strategy can be planned that can be circulated among team members.

For a smooth integration of business processes, the best solution is Salesforce CRM. Even application migration can be completed with the aid of such software applications.

Increasing importance of Mobile Application Developers

We are living in a technology-driven era. Gone are the days when letters were used to convey messages from one part of the globe to the other. Mobile phones have taken a central place in today’s world. It is easy to find someone without computers but just impossible to locate a person, who does not use mobile phones.

Ever since the development of cloud computing, it has become easier to work using multiple devices such as tablets, computers and phones. Employees are now able to work from any part of the world with workplaces adopting a mobile approach.

Importance of mobile apps:

Mobile phones have almost become a part and parcel of our life. From playing games to using GPRS system, mobile phones have definitely come a long way. Not just these alone, surfing net, social networking, online shopping and even banking transactions are possible with the help of such mobile devices.

Mobile applications are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Such smart apps provide assistance both for professional and personal work as well. With the help of mobile application developers, all sorts of challenges faced by different mobile applications can be solved. But, it is utmost essential to perform a thorough analysis as to which mobile application is required before getting on to developing the app.

Accendo Technologies help companies devise a specific strategy prior to developing a specific app. Such a strategy would take into account factors such as objectives of the business, security standards and diversity of platforms. Based on such strategies, mobile applications are developed that are compatible with umpteen operating systems.

Each mobile application developer works with a different perspective and aims to build an ideal app that provides tough competition in the market. Mobile apps help businesses create new models and also help in increasing their revenues. Such dedicated mobile application developers devise latest applications at cost-effective rates.

Why mobile apps are crucial for industries?

Mobile apps have a wide range of applications across different sectors. In healthcare sector, introduction of mobile apps has helped in improving patient care and minimize healthcare costs as well. Patient data can be stored in electronic form, wherein doctors have instant access to any patient’s record. Some of the applications developed by mobile application developers include Hospital Management Systems and Electronic Health Records. In real estate, introduction of such apps has greatly helped in establishing a proper customer base by helping companies to meet customer expectations. Media companies have also benefitted a lot from such mobile apps. Such apps helped in proper distribution of media content across multiple channels and aided in building customized platforms for sharing content.

While choosing a mobile application developer, it is utmost important to hire only those with a proven track record and who delivers quality results. Such developers should ensure to check the security of apps as well. Flexibility is also an important criterion while choosing the desired developer.

Accendo Technologies Prove to be Best CRM Developers in India

CRM or the Customer Relationship Management is the most ideal application that is suited for small businesses. This is not only about the number of clients that a business can acquire but how well they are retained. Customer satisfaction could be attributed to the success of any business. By implementing CRM solutions in small businesses, better services and products can be designed that meet specific requirements of clients. This application also helps businesses to have a thorough understanding of their customers.

Of the umpteen CRM developers in India, undoubtedly, it is Accendo Technologies that strives to be the best CRM developer. It develops applications by using sophisticated technologies like PHP, MySQL, Microsoft Dynamics, PHP and many others. By developing CRM applications, Accendo technologies ensure that a particular solution fits appropriately in small businesses and serves the right purpose.

Aiming toward cost-effective CRM applications, Accendo Technologies proved to be the ideal CRM developers in India for small businesses. With an idea that small businesses tend to relate more easily with their customers actually helps them build a better client base. The best possible reason why small businesses are able to entice a large customer base is very simple. It is due to the implementation of CRM applications that small businesses have a huge clientele.

With an increasing number of tangible benefits of CRM in small businesses, CRM developers in India continue to lead the race of software applications. The main advantage of using a CRM solution is the possibility for streamlined processes. Many manual tasks can be automated by implementing CRM that helps each department in a business to function more efficiently thereby making the process smooth.

Also, another advantage of CRM is proper storage of customer records that can be accessed from anywhere. In this way, businesses get an idea of their proper clientele. Not all these, CRM developers in India have claimed that implementation of CRM reduces the operating costs of businesses. There are umpteen online CRM solutions available on the web that helps minimize the initial installation costs for businesses.

Data security is another feature associated with CRM application. By implementing the same, small businesses are provided with a complete back-up of their data thereby ensuring thorough protection of vital business data. With the aid of an effective CRM solution, small businesses are provided with assistance for generating customer leads. Maintaining a proper customer base would help business to flourish and there always lie a better scope of increasing the customer numbers. Such are the unique benefits of CRM applications that aid in the success of small businesses.

Cost-effective Custom Software Services Deployed in Different Domains

Software solutions are provided by umpteen companies. Most of them design solutions that are specific to customers. The technological expertise of such IT solutions providing companies enables them to establish a better customer base. Accendo Technologies caters software solutions to diverse sectors.

Some of the domains to which it provides custom software services include healthcare, real estate, retail, education, media and entertainment and automobile sectors. These software applications have been well-designed to suit the specifications of a particular domain. By providing capabilities such as application development, ERP and CRM systems, quality assurance and testing and offshore development and maintenance, this custom software service provider ensures to establish a strong clientele.

The healthcare sector witnessed a drastic change with the implementation of EHR or Electronic Health Records. By providing such custom-designed software solutions, IT has really helped the healthcare domains to emerge successful. Some of the unique applications like Hospital Management Systems have further advanced this domain by hospitals being able to store the vital information of a patient in electronic records. With such custom software services, administrative costs of healthcare domains have been drastically reduced.

IT solutions have catered to real estate sector as well. Accendo Technologies has helped this domain by providing effective support in customer management and construction planning as well. The main goal of a real estate sector is to retain the customer base and with the aid of real estate CRM and ERP applications, the goal gets all the more easily to achieve. Such custom software services not only help real estate companies manage projects easily, but also ensure to operate cost-effectively by meeting the customer expectations.

Surprisingly, even the education sector has been benefited with the implementation of software solutions. Some of the unique applications developed by Accendo Technologies include Education data management solutions and several mobile learning apps. The Education data management solution helps schools and colleges to modernize their administrative procedures and also keep a good track on the performance of students and teachers as well. Such cost-effective and user-friendly applications also ensure to engage the student population that ultimately increases their confidence levels.

In the dynamic world of media and entertainment, such custom software services help easy distribution of information across channels in a jiffy. Accendo Technologies has developed umpteen mobile applications that helped media companies to pass on the information to a large crowd base. Some of the mobile apps have been developed for television broadcasters while few other customized platforms enabled easy distribution of content by protecting its integrity as well.

With such different types of custom software services, not just one but many sectors are benefitted that helped businesses to flourish to a great extent.

Effective Application Migration and Maintenance help build better Businesses

An established customer base forms the basis of any business. If one wants to get successful in their business, there is no two-way thought that exceptional customer service is the most pivotal criteria. The motto ‘Customer is our King’ has to be well-adapted by the businesses. In a survey of American Express Global Customer Service Barometer 2012, it was noticed that about 75% Americans have trusted and stayed on with a particular business mainly because of satisfaction gained from company’s customer services.

Accendo Technologies, pioneers of technological applications, helps businesses increase their clientele. Proficient in catering to different sectors such as real estate, healthcare, education and media, it offers services like application development, quality assurance, and application re-engineering and application migration.

Application migration and maintenance offer umpteen benefits for small and large scale businesses to keep pace with emerging technologies. Not only the company’s processes get streamlined by adaptation of SLA framework, but it also benefits in long run by providing stability, preventive maintenance and long-term functionality.

For any application, though easy to use, it requires proper maintenance. Accendo Technologies, Application maintenance service includes following benefits:

  • Adaptive assistance – Keeping in focus present continuity of business what new technological initiatives can be adapted
  • Security assistance – Support for maintenance of dysfunctional features
  • Enhancement assistance – Identify issues at its origin and apply permanent fixes

Additional highlight of its working strategy are proper documentation of data, which is efficiently handled. With the expertise of Accendo Technologies, businesses can heave a big sigh of relief as it ensures smooth running of applications. By outsourcing application maintenance, both cost and time can be saved to a great extent. This company does not merely maintain the CRM applications, but also works on continuous testing and reengineering to develop more efficiency in such applications. Be whatever application, Accendo Technologies ensures that application run smoothly without any hassles.

In most cases, businesses need some kind of shift from their existing application to some other better application. That is where the need for application migration would come. IT is ever evolving and the applications need to be modernized and migrated at an interval to compete the emerging technologies. This company works by conducting a thorough analysis on the existing applications of a business and figure out those that are going to shrink and does not add any value to the chain. With the help of its application migration framework, it migrates the required application using standard security guidelines smoothly without affecting client’s day-to-day business. In order to ensure that client’s critical data is well-protected and timely migrated, the highly experienced and skilled staff engages themselves completely work out methodically and according to customer needs.

Furnished with the right technical expertise to design and develop powerful application migration strategy, Accendo Technologies can change the way you consider application migration and maintenance forever.