Significant Factors Involved In the Mobile Application Development

In today’s revolutionary technological period, smart phones have become the most essential parts of our regular lifestyle. From the business perspective, smart phones and their applications play a vital role to maximize your business revenues. These days, mobile devices are not just restricted for making calls and texting. They have become handy tools for businesses to attain more and more customers.
Whether you’re a big corporate or a start-up company, you should get your own commercial mobile app to solidify your business. It is surely the most competent and smoother option that helps you to swiftly convey your business to a large number of customers. Usually, the mobile application developers make use of different techniques and tools to formulate a complete solution for your business. Below are the different factors to consider before you freeze on a specific mobile app development project.
There are various smart phone operating systems that are based on specific platforms, like Android, Apple IOS, Windows, BlackBerry, etc. So, you will first need to choose a perfect platform for your mobile application development. The best mobile apps development company will provide development services for all the platforms.
The Customer Base
The next step is to identify the type of customers you want to reach. Before you assign the project to your selected software company, you should understand the scope of your mobile application for the customers. Make sure how your app would be helpful for your targeted customers. Does the app have a potential to attract new customers? Addressing such questions would help the app developers to plan the features and services to be included in your mobile application. It would also help the developers to plan technology and proper design to be used for the development assignment.
Duration and cost of Project
Budget for the app development can be a deciding factor at times. You will have to consider the budget and time required to complete the project. These days, application development companies are offering cost effective services to help start-up companies with small budget. In addition, you should also check for the quality and reliance of the company. Therefore, it is always better to sign up with a reputed IT company that offers superior services and meets your timelines.
Every business is unique and requires a distinctive mobile app to stand out in the mass. Your business mobile app should strike a chord among your customers. For developing such a stunning mobile app, all you have to do is to offer excellent features to your customers. Your mobile app should be innovative, creative and should be user friendly to your users.
Experienced app developers create customized apps that fulfill all your business requirements. Get in touch with some top notch mobile application development companies, if you want to enhance your business in significant manner.

Why offshore your Enterprise mobility app development?

Whether you want to build a enterprise mobile app or complex software application or a large ecommerce portal with thousands of products, the most significant step in the process is to hire a robust web technology and development partner with enormous experience.
Why offshore development is better?
Spoilt for choices:
Lot of developers, fewer clients, so you are the king and the demand-supply gap keeps ensure on competitive quotes, so you only get the best costing.
Economies of Scope:
We mean expertise and experience. Most of the projects are largely developed on proven platforms and models, for which offshore development companies like us have years of experience in hand. Should your project need a customized platform or technology, it is our responsibility to employ the resource and save you from all the capital costs.
Virtual World:
In this era of seamless communication, having virtual meetings are not just convenient but the cost saved by your developer is passed on to you.

Improved Transparency and Control over Intellectual Property:
A collaborative environment allows companies to control and view the flow of data. This would helps in protecting the intellectual property of the company from any misuse. The development procedure is completely transparent in this allows superior tracking of the business as a whole. In the current Technological world, internet allows IT companies to manage several projects in spread across different locations on the globe.
Secure Environment:
Different levels of security measures make sure that a resource is able to see only that much information which he/she requires for his/her work. Additional, physical security measures are also implemented to avoid any data loss or IP theft caused by physical reasons or robbery.
Skilled Resources:
It is difficult for organizations to retain skilled staff for each and every project. A collaborative development environment allows companies to get skilled resources for all those technologies and platforms that they are unable to continue at their own end. Hence, the long hiring procedure and training costs are reduced.

All about Mobile Apps Development for Online Businesses

Mobile apps development has increased its horizons and gained enormous popularity in the modern times. This is the modern feather in the online business development. Mobile apps are used to speed up the time-consuming tasks and eventually save money and guide the productivity. Organizations across the world are adopting this latest form of technological development because of the huge success of mobile application development.
Mobile apps for online business have modernized business processes, amazingly, minimizing the time to complete the planning process up to 70%. Yet, there are some good practices to be observed for the development of mobile apps that will help you attain your goals.
1. Define Target Customers:
Before you spend time on building an app, the important step is to consider your targeted customers. How will they use your applications? and what do you hope to achieve?
2. Engage Potential End-users in the design phase:
There might be some problems when designing an application, if you work exclusively with your team without involving end users. When the final design is out, some features of your design may not go well for end users. To escape this, try to involve end users in the design phase.
3. Make the Simple App:
The app should be simple and easy to understand with instructions and descriptions where ever required. The application design should not place excessive reliance on the images to scroll history. This cannot go well with the users as they may not understand the purpose of the app.
4. Avoid Animations & Graphics:
Animations and Graphics can create a great visual appeal, but it is also a major hitch associated with it – slow load times that turn into a poor user experience. Hence, avoid extreme use of animations and graphics and use only when required. The use of vector images is a good choice because the file sizes are smaller and the loading times are much faster.
5. Large Icons and Buttons:
Given the size of the icons and buttons is crucial in the development of mobile app. If the icons/buttons are too small, users can optionally make mistakes by selecting the wrong ones.
6. Thorough Trials:
The most important part in the development of a mobile app is testing. It is very important to test the final product at the bottom so that if any errors occurs, can be fixed immediately.

Advantages of Android Application Development & Hire Android App Developer

Android operating system is a distinctive and complete operating environment based upon the Linux kernel. Initially the operation target for Android was the mobile-phone arena, including lower cost flip-phone devices and smart phones and has numerous new features that makes possible for exceptional Android application development.
Android Application Development Advantages:

  • It is a complete operating environment based on Linux kernel
  • It is a concrete and cost effective platform to install, support and readily accepted as a good design approach for operation
  • It allows the simple connectivity options, including Wi-Fi & Bluetooth and wireless data over a cellular connection for GPRS, 3G and 4G
  • Android supports the graphics challenges with built-in technology for 3-D and 2-D graphics
  • Support for location-based services (such as GPS)

With the raise in demand for Android application development there arises a need for an Android application programmer to enable quality Android apps. Many Indian Mobile application companies are providing an android application developer to facilitate clients with quality Android app development.
A Look at the Prime Advantages of Hiring Android App developer from India:

  • India is a country with availability of vast Mobile application developers having sound expertise in Android SDK
  • Many Indian software companies are providing Hire Android developer services at very cost effective rates
  • Indian Hire Android app developer is qualified with Android programming in Java and has deep programming knowledge in C,C++
  • The Android app development cost is very economical with less development time is also one of the reasons for its recognition to use hire Android app developer service from India

Hence, Hire Android Developer from Indian outsourcing mobile apps development organizations seems to be the best choice to take total advantage of this wonderful operating system to enable quality Android application development.

Outsourcing application maintenance and support

In today’s business environment, all the businesses are extremely dependent on IT applications for their day to day business operations. As business evolves, IT applications need to evolve too to match new business requirements. Software application maintenance and support takes up large amount of IT spend. As per Pareto Analysis (80:20 Rule), about 80% of IT costs are utilized for maintaining existing IT applications leaving only 20% for development of new applications. Application maintenance and support is an important task towards extending and the life of the IT applications. Application Maintenance is not just about maintaining the existing software, it is also about maintaining relationship of those that use and are involved with the software and the concerns which the software is developed to address.
Some of the advantages of outsourcing application maintenance and support are:

  1. Organizations can concentrate on their core competencies
  2. Customer benefits from provider’s experience of working with different clients on different assignments
  3. Consistent service levels and Improved quality
  4. Less recurring cost of maintaining existing applications
  5. Less risk of downtime
  6. Superior end-user satisfaction

So, in order to reduce companies’ application maintenance and support costs, improve focus on core business activities, improve customer satisfaction and gain considerable processing efficiencies it is advisable that companies’ outsource their application maintenance and support.

Why to run your business on cloud platform

Salesforce crm is a software solution which keeps track of all the different stages involved in carrying out a sales activity. Its procedures are implemented mainly to achieve business objectives efficiently. Salesforce CRM solutions are widely adopted in areas which involve marketing and management activities together. Salesforce crm includes a set of procedures and methods which brings complete automation of sales activities and management of work force. With its strong expertise in providing robust and innovative applications, Salesforce crm assists businesses functioning in various different areas to combat performance and procedural issues, retain customers and attain new levels of success.

Keeping in mind the current business trends and the speed with which the industry is progressing, various applications are built to increase business efficiency. Efforts are been laid down to develop faster and efficient performance check application without increasing the cost of the software solutions. Regular performance check is carried out to supervise its alignment with the vision and expectation of the business organization. As compared to the traditional Customer Relationship Management Software, Salesforce software solutions provide advanced features that help to generate more success, sales leads, profit and increased growth of the business. With quick implementation of cloud based solutions provided by Salesforce team at Accendo Technologies, it pay off instantly by making you stand ahead of competitors and progress at a faster pace.

Salesforce on Cloud platforms enables an organization with the required resources to develop and run business applications online. Some of the benefits of Salesforce on cloud platform helps business make consistent progress and quick achievement of goal.

• Distinct business applications to cater the needs of distinct business areas
Salesforce application built on cloud platform technology helps customers to create large size efficient non sales applications.
• Maximize production in less time
Salesforce application built on cloud platform technology helps to achieve maximum production output in considerably less time and with fewer workforces.
• Generation of quick deliverables
With the use of Salesforce application built on cloud platform technology, business application has observed an improvement in the “time to market” by more than sixty percent. Salesforce crm software solution helps in increasing number of applications developed on yearly basis by more than seventy percent.
• Increase in profitability and efficiency of business
Salesforce application built on cloud platform technology brings automation in business processes which help to get tasks done easily in less time and effort while maintaining the quality. As fewer employees are required to accomplish the task it helps to cut down the money spend on income of these employees.
• Increase in savings due to less infrastructure requirement
Cloud platform technology enables applications to run on the internet. With lesser investment on hardware and software to be installed for development of cloud based applications, business organizations saves considerable amount of money.

Salesforce crm can be used with social media tools like emailing, cell phones, social media sites like facebook, twitter etc for promoting wide variety of products. This brings maximum generation of sales. With its advanced set of application programming interface and methods helps in developing quick and efficient application to engage with customers, workplace employees, clients and other high level applications.

Benefits of using Salesforce CRM in a business

Most of the companies across the world are adopting Salesforce CRM software solutions to bring a change in their methodology and functional patterns adopted in carrying the business. To move from traditional to advanced methodologies and automation of their processes this software is widely trusted and accepted. Accendo Technologies with its customized Salesforce implementation solutions enables business organizations maximize their sales and revenue and minimize customer churn through complete integration of sales and customer service processes.

Some of the benefits of using Salesforce CRM have been mentioned below:

Convenient to use:
The most important aspect of any software solution lies in the convenience of using it. This software solution has been appreciated and implemented by a large set of business firms from small level to large level function in various fields like advertising, sports, textiles etc. Being able to work on this technology is easy and does not require past work experience. This software provides a self understood, user friendly interface that helps a person with no prior experience to learn and work on it easily. Some software solutions demands programming skills for an employee to work on it. This is not the case with Salesforce CRM as the employee is not required to get into the details of programming and other related software procedures. This makes it easy and convenient to work with Salesforce CRM.

Extraordinary performance with rigid security:
Salesforce CRM helps to properly integrate various business departments together. This helps to make the flow of information between business areas like production, inventory, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, Human Resource system efficiently. It helps to gather valuable customer data at one single place. Applications developed using this software can be accessed and run on variety of devices like cell phones, laptop, desktop, ipads etc.

Salesforce software provides trusted security that makes sure that critical customer information does not go into wrong hands. It focuses on providing valuable services to its customers by timely attending to their queries and providing them best possible resolution on time. Accendo Technologies provide Salesforce implementation solutions in accordance to individual business requirements that helps to manage projects effectively, saves from unnecessary expenditure and offer incredible customer services.

Scalable and efficient customization to meet business goals:
Every business has its different vision and goals. Salesforce CRM adapts effectively to meet requirements of each and every business and efficiently align to its business goals. It easily integrates distinct business models and can be accessed from anywhere at any point of time.

Huge range of resources built on advanced technology:
On the expense of considerable time, capital and effort this software provides its customers best quality resources that help business to be at par with other businesses in the market. For helping out users in dealing with issues or to share valuable knowledge with users it provides helpful learning resources, articles, ebook, videos and chats.

Easy and Convenient Social App:
These days there are useful apps that help users to carry out variety of tasks just with a click of a button. Salesforce also provide a place called “AppExchange” which lets users effortlessly download, install and access various useful applications in no time. Salesforce CRM provides users with a rich set of tools, processes and options that increases overall productivity of business.

How Salesforce CRM helps in managing sales related processes

Salesforce CRM consists of a set of wide range of tools and applications to manage sales tasks effectively and quickly. It has been the most preferred software for many progressing companies, growing businesses and firms etc. On efficient usage of this software it helps to get high percentage of consumer satisfaction, increase in sales and profit and decrease in overall business expenditure. This software can be used by business working in any areas like tourism, health and medical business, engineering, accounting firms etc.

Salesforce CRM consist of a rich set of advanced tools, methods, application programming interface (API) which helps to develop application to get enhanced customer engagement, quick and easy connection with clients, employees, consumers and other electronic equipments and applications.

Salesforce CRM allows companies to get clear information about their consumers. This information is available in real time basis by sales team. This software helps you efficiently track and deal with the pending sales projects in comparison to other CRM software. This software automates business processes, provides co-ordination among different business departments, sharing of information from one business department to another, provides effective customer support etc

With Salesforce CRM following sales relates activities can manage anytime from anywhere.

  • You can make a record of all sales communications
  • You can consider high priority sales opportunities on priority basis
  • You can create a dashboard wherein you can mention the requirements of products, invoices, delivery time etc. This helps you check the sales details anytime anywhere.
  • If you are outside your office or travelling then also with this software you can co-ordinate and track minute insight about sales activities like knowing the stage of sales processes, tracking the sufficiency of sales products, getting information related to product quotation, identifying the area where maximum sales opportunities are coming, remain aware of the customer’s requirements and queries and help them to give best and quick resolution.
  • Dashboard is a unique feature offered by Salesforce CRM. This allows managers, sales representatives and executives to get a complete real time insight into your business. With reports generated on real time basis and calculations it helps Accendo Technologies make better planning and efficient allocation of time, money and labour.

Salesforce CRM provide innumerable valuable tools, robust customization, secure and user friendly interface that helps you to conveniently align your sales and other business processes with the software and get the best quality experience and achieve unprecedented growth of your business.