Outsourcing application maintenance and support

In today’s business environment, all the businesses are extremely dependent on IT applications for their day to day business operations. As business evolves, IT applications need to evolve too to match new business requirements. Software application maintenance and support takes up large amount of IT spend. As per Pareto Analysis (80:20 Rule), about 80% of IT costs are utilized for maintaining existing IT applications leaving only 20% for development of new applications. Application maintenance and support is an important task towards extending and the life of the IT applications. Application Maintenance is not just about maintaining the existing software, it is also about maintaining relationship of those that use and are involved with the software and the concerns which the software is developed to address.
Some of the advantages of outsourcing application maintenance and support are:

  1. Organizations can concentrate on their core competencies
  2. Customer benefits from provider’s experience of working with different clients on different assignments
  3. Consistent service levels and Improved quality
  4. Less recurring cost of maintaining existing applications
  5. Less risk of downtime
  6. Superior end-user satisfaction

So, in order to reduce companies’ application maintenance and support costs, improve focus on core business activities, improve customer satisfaction and gain considerable processing efficiencies it is advisable that companies’ outsource their application maintenance and support.

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