Effective Application Migration and Maintenance help build better Businesses

An established customer base forms the basis of any business. If one wants to get successful in their business, there is no two-way thought that exceptional customer service is the most pivotal criteria. The motto ‘Customer is our King’ has to be well-adapted by the businesses. In a survey of American Express Global Customer Service Barometer 2012, it was noticed that about 75% Americans have trusted and stayed on with a particular business mainly because of satisfaction gained from company’s customer services.

Accendo Technologies, pioneers of technological applications, helps businesses increase their clientele. Proficient in catering to different sectors such as real estate, healthcare, education and media, it offers services like application development, quality assurance, and application re-engineering and application migration.

Application migration and maintenance offer umpteen benefits for small and large scale businesses to keep pace with emerging technologies. Not only the company’s processes get streamlined by adaptation of SLA framework, but it also benefits in long run by providing stability, preventive maintenance and long-term functionality.

For any application, though easy to use, it requires proper maintenance. Accendo Technologies, Application maintenance service includes following benefits:

  • Adaptive assistance – Keeping in focus present continuity of business what new technological initiatives can be adapted
  • Security assistance – Support for maintenance of dysfunctional features
  • Enhancement assistance – Identify issues at its origin and apply permanent fixes

Additional highlight of its working strategy are proper documentation of data, which is efficiently handled. With the expertise of Accendo Technologies, businesses can heave a big sigh of relief as it ensures smooth running of applications. By outsourcing application maintenance, both cost and time can be saved to a great extent. This company does not merely maintain the CRM applications, but also works on continuous testing and reengineering to develop more efficiency in such applications. Be whatever application, Accendo Technologies ensures that application run smoothly without any hassles.

In most cases, businesses need some kind of shift from their existing application to some other better application. That is where the need for application migration would come. IT is ever evolving and the applications need to be modernized and migrated at an interval to compete the emerging technologies. This company works by conducting a thorough analysis on the existing applications of a business and figure out those that are going to shrink and does not add any value to the chain. With the help of its application migration framework, it migrates the required application using standard security guidelines smoothly without affecting client’s day-to-day business. In order to ensure that client’s critical data is well-protected and timely migrated, the highly experienced and skilled staff engages themselves completely work out methodically and according to customer needs.

Furnished with the right technical expertise to design and develop powerful application migration strategy, Accendo Technologies can change the way you consider application migration and maintenance forever.

PHP Development

Enhance your online presence with excellent PHP development services offered by experts.

In the current era of increasing competition, small as well as big businesses are in search of some advanced ways to attract more and more clients. They are trying to provide extraordinary and unique facilities to their customers. In doing so, they are expanding their business and services over web by introducing website of their company that showcases the services and products offered by them.

To make your online business stand ahead from the crowd, an astonishing, pleasant and expressive website is essential. To create a bespoke and well-designed website there are various website designing languages and development techniques like CSS, JAVA, HTML, PHP, etc. are available today. These give great opportunity to design a classy and appealing website according to your taste and requirements. Among all, currently PHP has become one of the fastest growing most popular and preferred language to several web developers and experts.

PHP, general-purpose scripting language is preferred by various web developers as it allows them to produce dynamic web pages with ease. If you have a well-designed and prolific business website, you are assured of attaining good online presence. With the help of experienced web developers they can get an all-inclusive, fresh, unique and stunning PHP website and web applications that represent their services and products to the customers efficiently. This is because people will see and like to deal with you as they will get information and understanding about your services at their fingertips. All this will boost up your potential profits and overall growth fruitfully.

To get the best PHP web development services, you require hiring professional web developers so that your work is done efficiently within your budgets. And, among the huge array of PHP development service providers, Accendo Technologies is the most prominent and trustworthy new-generation IT company, expertise in delivering wide-ranging prolific and result-oriented PHP development, application development, application migration services and a lot more fantastic services the entire under single rooftop.

Here, we are having a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals and web developers focused on providing custom PHP applications of any complexity with incredible competence.

We work with an objective to provide you the development and designing work that exactly comply with organizational structure, workflow management and business objectives of your enterprises. With our outstanding services, preeminent technology frameworks and proven methodologies you are assured of accelerating your business to next level of success. Our custom tailored services are structured in a way to totally match industry standard and current market scenario. This also offers flexibility, improved collaboration and scalability to your business.


If you are an executive at a large corporate company, your primary responsibility would involve making sure that all your employees have access to the required hardware and software services for their job. But is just buying computer systems and laptops for each of them enough? Probably not. You also need to buy software and software licenses to provide your workers the complete access to the tools they require. The pile of money to be invested just keeps on growing with every new recruit in the company.

What if there comes an alternative to your problems? What if instead of installing the entire suite of software with licenses into each and every computer, you just need to load one application? That one application would allow employees to log into a Web-based service that contains an inventory of all programs that are required by the employees for their everyday jobs.

The above scenario can be termed as cloud computing. It is the delivery of computing services over the Internet. Cloud services allow the use of software and hardware that are maintained and managed by third parties at remote locations. Examples of cloud services include social networking sites, online file storage, webmail, etc.

Cloud computing brings many advantages to the forefront. It is one of the most cost efficient methods to use, maintain and upgrade. By grasping cloud services, licensing and other overhead costs can be reduced. In cloud, you don’t need to worry about either decrease in storage space or increasing your current storage space. Moreover, since all your data is stored in the cloud, you are free of worries about system crashes and failures as the data is almost never lost. Backup and recovery becomes quite easier than traditional storage practices.

Nothing is perfect. This means that even our efficient cloud services can give us at times. It is not very common and happens rarely. When it comes to cloud computing, the basic requirement is Internet. In case of network and connectivity problems, cloud computing doesn’t live up to the promised caliber. Security issues are a disadvantage as all your company’s sensitive information will be shared with a third party service provider. They are always prone to hacks and attacks. There is always a possibility of the stealth of sensitive information. But the major advantage is there are many laws to protect the data privacy and cloud service providers take enough measures. This helps to easily overcome the security problem.

Cloud computing has revolutionized on a massive level in the recent years. Keeping at par with this revolution, Accendo Technologies works with companies to help them develop mobile strategies and develop apps based on cloud that can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.