Role of mobile applications in retail industry and how mobile apps are useful for online shopping

There is a huge impact of mobile applications in retail industry. Mobile applications incorporated in smart phones provide latest information to the buyers on their palms. Shopping keeping in mind these applications helps retail industry to keep their customer updated about the latest products and offers and facilitates them with extra facilities like product reviews, comparisons on their products. Accendo Technologies using them showcases its products, provides a provision to save their searches, and place orders in advance to their customer. This helps a customer in identifying the product in accordance to their budget and requirement. This trend has brought transformation in the traditional way of shopping.

These applications help in making the shopping experience more convenient and comfortable. It provides increased sales options to the retailers. Looking at the busy lifestyle, these stores very well know that customers have less time and they prefer to carry out their tasks online. So retail industry devise new ways to engage customers with them. These ways are through mobile technology, cloud computing etc. In addition to purchasing and selling, shoppers can make complaints, gives their opinion on the services or product on these applications. Now the customers are slowly moving from traditional way to advanced way of shopping with these mobile applications.

There are many reasons mobile applications gives an enriching shopping experience to its retail shoppers. Some of the reasons make it popular and most preferred option of shopping:

  1. They give valuable information like product information, similar products on the basis of their search, product and price comparison, user reviews etc. When customers get everything from product information to placing products orders why would they go to local stores?
  2. On these applications retailers many times provides discounts, new offers for newly launched products and run promotion campaign so as to make more sales and promotion of their products. This also helps customers in shopping at lesser price.
  3. Mobile applications serve retail industry by helping them to share photos, videos, and showcasing their products across the world. When it is used with social media like face book, twitter etc it maximizes propagation, promotion and reaching to numerous people without must capital investment.

Accendo technologies use mobile applications to build strong relations with its customer. It does so by noting the feedback from customers regarding services, products etc, take suggestions from customers and address their complaints with proper timely solutions. It takes care of customer requirements and sends them an alert when a product of their choice is launched in the market. Thus making and maintaining effective relations with its customers.


If you are an executive at a large corporate company, your primary responsibility would involve making sure that all your employees have access to the required hardware and software services for their job. But is just buying computer systems and laptops for each of them enough? Probably not. You also need to buy software and software licenses to provide your workers the complete access to the tools they require. The pile of money to be invested just keeps on growing with every new recruit in the company.

What if there comes an alternative to your problems? What if instead of installing the entire suite of software with licenses into each and every computer, you just need to load one application? That one application would allow employees to log into a Web-based service that contains an inventory of all programs that are required by the employees for their everyday jobs.

The above scenario can be termed as cloud computing. It is the delivery of computing services over the Internet. Cloud services allow the use of software and hardware that are maintained and managed by third parties at remote locations. Examples of cloud services include social networking sites, online file storage, webmail, etc.

Cloud computing brings many advantages to the forefront. It is one of the most cost efficient methods to use, maintain and upgrade. By grasping cloud services, licensing and other overhead costs can be reduced. In cloud, you don’t need to worry about either decrease in storage space or increasing your current storage space. Moreover, since all your data is stored in the cloud, you are free of worries about system crashes and failures as the data is almost never lost. Backup and recovery becomes quite easier than traditional storage practices.

Nothing is perfect. This means that even our efficient cloud services can give us at times. It is not very common and happens rarely. When it comes to cloud computing, the basic requirement is Internet. In case of network and connectivity problems, cloud computing doesn’t live up to the promised caliber. Security issues are a disadvantage as all your company’s sensitive information will be shared with a third party service provider. They are always prone to hacks and attacks. There is always a possibility of the stealth of sensitive information. But the major advantage is there are many laws to protect the data privacy and cloud service providers take enough measures. This helps to easily overcome the security problem.

Cloud computing has revolutionized on a massive level in the recent years. Keeping at par with this revolution, Accendo Technologies works with companies to help them develop mobile strategies and develop apps based on cloud that can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.