Cloud Computing Simplifying Data Storage, Saving In-house Expenses

Businesses are investing on technology more than ever before. Thanks to technologies like cloud computing that businesses are being able to keep a check in their in-house cost and expenses. In cloud space you can store files and applications so that you can get easy access to such anytime, anywhere and even on the move. Anyone working in your company can access the data stored in cloud provided he has the permission to access such.

However, things were not as easy 5 years back. Businesses were forced to shell out significant money to acquire equipments so that they can maintain resources and computing power effectively. But, thanks to the advent of cloud computing that businesses are slowly drifting away from purchasing excruciatingly priced data storage device, thereby reducing overall expenses of the company to a significant level. Also, implementation of cloud in business models has helped businesses to save office space, which otherwise were usurped by equipments. To give you a clearer picture, here’s how outsourcing your storage needs keeps you away from hassles involving in-house technological equipments.

  • Curbs overall expenses and saves office space: According to a research conducted by Computer Economics, organizations utilizing cloud computing solutions save more than 15% in IT expenses. If you do a bit of research on the web, you will find most businesses utilizing cloud computing technology doesn’t require in-house servers. This in turn saves a lot of office space and therefore reduces in-house expenses automatically. How? Well, post-recession, office rental prices have skyrocketed. In New York, office floor prices may shoot up to more that $50 per square feet. And as you know, in-house servers take up a lot of office space. The result? You have to shell out a lot from your pocket only to pay the rent of floor space. Implementing cloud computing nullifies this problem and in the end of every financial year you will see the amount of money you have saved by reducing office floor space.
  • Reduces hardware installation costs: Once your business has switched to cloud computing, your organization won’t need any expensive hardware that requires extensive and costly support. You will also be relieved from high installation, maintenance and repair costs. That will give you the option to inject the ‘saved money’ on other aspects, which will help your company to grow.
  • Work location flexibility options: Earlier, businesses used to find it difficult to manage employees working in different locations. Expenses involved in installation of technological equipment in the employees’ locale used to be huge. Today, businesses have switched from such age old, expensive processes. Storing data in the cloud has made the job much easier for organizations and their employees. Anyone having an access to the server can view the data, even if he is at home. This one-of-a-kind solution allows companies to save equipment installation cost and the expenses involved in running a satellite location.

Solution providers like Accendo Technologies are effectively providing cloud computing solutions for businesses of any size and shape. So, will you still use expensive and troublesome in-house servers or are you contemplating to be a part of the cloud computing revolution?

Benefits of cloud computing

In earlier days people use to download software and application on their computer in order to work with them. With the advent of Cloud computing things have become much simpler. Now if anyone wants to access certain programs or applications they can do it through internet without downloading them. Realizing these benefits many small, medium and large scale businesses are moving towards this technology. This technology will develop and will continue to be here in the future. It enables Accendo Technologies to get agile, leverage infrastructure on the requirement and use it as a utility. Besides enhancing the overall efficiency of business it provides many other benefits like:

  • Low on budget: The use, maintenance and updating of this technology is very inexpensive. You need to investment for one time, that’s it. No more future investments is required thus the entire expenses of the company decreases. This helps companies to use their resources on other development projects.
  • Unlimited data storage: It provides you with unlimited storage space. You can store as much data you want to store. There is no need to increase the data space at various intervals of time.
  • Convenient data backup and recovery: It simplifies the process of taking data backups and handling of data. As compared to other data storage devices like computers etc there is a higher possibility of losing data as compared to data stored on cloud computing. Also the recovery of data is also easy with this technology
  • Ease to access information: Cloud computing helps you to access and store information from any part of the world. You just need a laptop with internet connection.
  • Effective integration of application: This technology enables you to organize and manages your application effectively. It integrates your applications with your preferred options. You can also create an application solely for your organization. You need to define your requirements and it will create your application accordingly.

Apart from the above benefits, Cloud computing helps Accendo Technologies in making your enterprise flexible and scalable. It helps the company to identify, analyze and solve business issues quickly with accurately. It is often seem that companies spend large portion of their time in upgrading and maintaining their utilities and processes. Cloud computing helps Accendo Technologies with their skilled team of professionals utilizes the time to define new business models and build faster applications that will help to achieve excellence.


If you are an executive at a large corporate company, your primary responsibility would involve making sure that all your employees have access to the required hardware and software services for their job. But is just buying computer systems and laptops for each of them enough? Probably not. You also need to buy software and software licenses to provide your workers the complete access to the tools they require. The pile of money to be invested just keeps on growing with every new recruit in the company.

What if there comes an alternative to your problems? What if instead of installing the entire suite of software with licenses into each and every computer, you just need to load one application? That one application would allow employees to log into a Web-based service that contains an inventory of all programs that are required by the employees for their everyday jobs.

The above scenario can be termed as cloud computing. It is the delivery of computing services over the Internet. Cloud services allow the use of software and hardware that are maintained and managed by third parties at remote locations. Examples of cloud services include social networking sites, online file storage, webmail, etc.

Cloud computing brings many advantages to the forefront. It is one of the most cost efficient methods to use, maintain and upgrade. By grasping cloud services, licensing and other overhead costs can be reduced. In cloud, you don’t need to worry about either decrease in storage space or increasing your current storage space. Moreover, since all your data is stored in the cloud, you are free of worries about system crashes and failures as the data is almost never lost. Backup and recovery becomes quite easier than traditional storage practices.

Nothing is perfect. This means that even our efficient cloud services can give us at times. It is not very common and happens rarely. When it comes to cloud computing, the basic requirement is Internet. In case of network and connectivity problems, cloud computing doesn’t live up to the promised caliber. Security issues are a disadvantage as all your company’s sensitive information will be shared with a third party service provider. They are always prone to hacks and attacks. There is always a possibility of the stealth of sensitive information. But the major advantage is there are many laws to protect the data privacy and cloud service providers take enough measures. This helps to easily overcome the security problem.

Cloud computing has revolutionized on a massive level in the recent years. Keeping at par with this revolution, Accendo Technologies works with companies to help them develop mobile strategies and develop apps based on cloud that can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.