Application Development in Android and iOS platforms

Today, whenever anyone buys a new phone, the first question that is thrown at them is whether the phone is android or not. What is android and what makes it the heart throb of millions?

It is a Google product and is a linux based mobile platform operating system. And why are they so popular? It is because it is an open platform and anyone from any nook and corner can use it! With millions of android devices being activated every day, it has become the fastest and the largest emerging mobile platform and operating system.

iOS is another mobile operating system specifically for Apple-manufactured devices. Its best known feature is well known today by everyone. It serves as the underlying software that makes it possible for the iPhone users to interact with their phones with gestures such as tapping, swiping and pinching!
Considering the ongoing demand for the android and iOS applications in every industry and sector, we at Accendo Technologies assist various industries in android and iOS application development.
All the major economies of the world are being swept by a storm of change in the healthcare sector. New technology driven innovations are being incorporated into the healthcare facilities as countries are driving towards providing improved patient care and reduced healthcare costs. Accendo Technologies assist the healthcare sector in android and iOS applications development that enable hassle free management of huge pile of patient data and improve the efficiency of service.

Another blooming industry that uses IT applications in a daily basis is the real estate sector. With numerous competitors in the market, this sector shows fierce competition. But they are still entangled with some old problems like mismanagement, repeated costs, lack of transparency and time overruns. Accendo Technologies believe that with the accurately chosen technology, this sector can be revitalized. Our android and iOS applications specially designed for the real estate sector assists in customer management, land acquisition and construction planning and help our clients to lead the race of this competition.

Even in the retail sector, Accendo technologies provide IT based ecommerce solutions that have revolutionized the customer satisfaction criteria. Our applications have changed the address of the media and entertainment zone and have transferred it to mobiles. Watching movies, reading news and playing games – all can be done in your mobiles.

Nothing can underestimate the power of android and iOS applications and we, at Accendo technologies, take pride in providing one of the best android and iOS application development services to various industries.