Effects of Globalization on offshore IT application development and maintenance

Off-shoring is a process where services like customer support, software development and maintenance are moved to areas where labour costs are less, for example countries like India, China or Europe.

Globalization also influences factors like technological development and its maintenance in the business. Companies are planning to decrease the maintenance costs by adopting global standards for desktops, e-mail systems and servers.

Globalization also affects in the process of application development. Accendo Technologies has a team of technically skilled people who creates advanced Information Technology systems which enhances the operational efficiency of their clients.

Global management of skills helps to minimize the costs. Let us see the effect of Globalization on offshore IT application development and maintenance sector:

  • There is greater investment by software companies in global business services models, shared services and offshoring under a same governance platform. Accendo Technologies implements detailed offshoring methodologies and infrastructures and treat their clients as a part of their team.
  • Recent trends in offshore application development and maintenance services sector indicates specialization and fragmentation of IT outsourcing among various vendors. It is due to the globalization of large companies. Accendo Technologies is a fast growing IT company provides services related to offshore IT application development and maintenance.
  • Globalization leads to a development of catalogue driven model. Where everything like Storage, Communications, Network and monitoring are provided as a service. Customers have various options to choose. They can select their desired services off the shelf with defined validity. This enables them to opt for customized solutions as well.
  • Automated self-service platforms are offered which helps customers to perform tasks like testing or application development and maintenance. Globalization helps buyers to seek standardized solutions from their outsourcing companies, who need to differentiate themselves through performance and not by pricing. There is a strong competition for short-term cost pressures and to provide flexible pricing contracts on service providers.
  • Companies functioning in the areas of offshore IT application development and maintenance have started moving from pure maintenance to full life-cycle projects. With the multiplication of locations and division of teams, the costs of hardware/software and their administration is increasing significantly. Also network bandwidth and reliability is improving and becoming cheap.

In view of global economy – areas related to offshore IT application development and maintenance will continue to evolve. Service providers will need to constantly assess and upgrade their portfolio of services with adequate supply of skills.

Increasing importance of Mobile Application Developers

We are living in a technology-driven era. Gone are the days when letters were used to convey messages from one part of the globe to the other. Mobile phones have taken a central place in today’s world. It is easy to find someone without computers but just impossible to locate a person, who does not use mobile phones.

Ever since the development of cloud computing, it has become easier to work using multiple devices such as tablets, computers and phones. Employees are now able to work from any part of the world with workplaces adopting a mobile approach.

Importance of mobile apps:

Mobile phones have almost become a part and parcel of our life. From playing games to using GPRS system, mobile phones have definitely come a long way. Not just these alone, surfing net, social networking, online shopping and even banking transactions are possible with the help of such mobile devices.

Mobile applications are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Such smart apps provide assistance both for professional and personal work as well. With the help of mobile application developers, all sorts of challenges faced by different mobile applications can be solved. But, it is utmost essential to perform a thorough analysis as to which mobile application is required before getting on to developing the app.

Accendo Technologies help companies devise a specific strategy prior to developing a specific app. Such a strategy would take into account factors such as objectives of the business, security standards and diversity of platforms. Based on such strategies, mobile applications are developed that are compatible with umpteen operating systems.

Each mobile application developer works with a different perspective and aims to build an ideal app that provides tough competition in the market. Mobile apps help businesses create new models and also help in increasing their revenues. Such dedicated mobile application developers devise latest applications at cost-effective rates.

Why mobile apps are crucial for industries?

Mobile apps have a wide range of applications across different sectors. In healthcare sector, introduction of mobile apps has helped in improving patient care and minimize healthcare costs as well. Patient data can be stored in electronic form, wherein doctors have instant access to any patient’s record. Some of the applications developed by mobile application developers include Hospital Management Systems and Electronic Health Records. In real estate, introduction of such apps has greatly helped in establishing a proper customer base by helping companies to meet customer expectations. Media companies have also benefitted a lot from such mobile apps. Such apps helped in proper distribution of media content across multiple channels and aided in building customized platforms for sharing content.

While choosing a mobile application developer, it is utmost important to hire only those with a proven track record and who delivers quality results. Such developers should ensure to check the security of apps as well. Flexibility is also an important criterion while choosing the desired developer.