Outsourcing application maintenance and support

In today’s business environment, all the businesses are extremely dependent on IT applications for their day to day business operations. As business evolves, IT applications need to evolve too to match new business requirements. Software application maintenance and support takes up large amount of IT spend. As per Pareto Analysis (80:20 Rule), about 80% of IT costs are utilized for maintaining existing IT applications leaving only 20% for development of new applications. Application maintenance and support is an important task towards extending and the life of the IT applications. Application Maintenance is not just about maintaining the existing software, it is also about maintaining relationship of those that use and are involved with the software and the concerns which the software is developed to address.
Some of the advantages of outsourcing application maintenance and support are:

  1. Organizations can concentrate on their core competencies
  2. Customer benefits from provider’s experience of working with different clients on different assignments
  3. Consistent service levels and Improved quality
  4. Less recurring cost of maintaining existing applications
  5. Less risk of downtime
  6. Superior end-user satisfaction

So, in order to reduce companies’ application maintenance and support costs, improve focus on core business activities, improve customer satisfaction and gain considerable processing efficiencies it is advisable that companies’ outsource their application maintenance and support.

Effective Application Migration and Maintenance help build better Businesses

An established customer base forms the basis of any business. If one wants to get successful in their business, there is no two-way thought that exceptional customer service is the most pivotal criteria. The motto ‘Customer is our King’ has to be well-adapted by the businesses. In a survey of American Express Global Customer Service Barometer 2012, it was noticed that about 75% Americans have trusted and stayed on with a particular business mainly because of satisfaction gained from company’s customer services.

Accendo Technologies, pioneers of technological applications, helps businesses increase their clientele. Proficient in catering to different sectors such as real estate, healthcare, education and media, it offers services like application development, quality assurance, and application re-engineering and application migration.

Application migration and maintenance offer umpteen benefits for small and large scale businesses to keep pace with emerging technologies. Not only the company’s processes get streamlined by adaptation of SLA framework, but it also benefits in long run by providing stability, preventive maintenance and long-term functionality.

For any application, though easy to use, it requires proper maintenance. Accendo Technologies, Application maintenance service includes following benefits:

  • Adaptive assistance – Keeping in focus present continuity of business what new technological initiatives can be adapted
  • Security assistance – Support for maintenance of dysfunctional features
  • Enhancement assistance – Identify issues at its origin and apply permanent fixes

Additional highlight of its working strategy are proper documentation of data, which is efficiently handled. With the expertise of Accendo Technologies, businesses can heave a big sigh of relief as it ensures smooth running of applications. By outsourcing application maintenance, both cost and time can be saved to a great extent. This company does not merely maintain the CRM applications, but also works on continuous testing and reengineering to develop more efficiency in such applications. Be whatever application, Accendo Technologies ensures that application run smoothly without any hassles.

In most cases, businesses need some kind of shift from their existing application to some other better application. That is where the need for application migration would come. IT is ever evolving and the applications need to be modernized and migrated at an interval to compete the emerging technologies. This company works by conducting a thorough analysis on the existing applications of a business and figure out those that are going to shrink and does not add any value to the chain. With the help of its application migration framework, it migrates the required application using standard security guidelines smoothly without affecting client’s day-to-day business. In order to ensure that client’s critical data is well-protected and timely migrated, the highly experienced and skilled staff engages themselves completely work out methodically and according to customer needs.

Furnished with the right technical expertise to design and develop powerful application migration strategy, Accendo Technologies can change the way you consider application migration and maintenance forever.

Unique Advantages of Offshore Application Maintenance and Development

IT sectors have umpteen applications running both onsite and offshore. The main strategy behind implementing an application at offshore is to minimize its running costs. Not just reducing costs alone, running an application offshore means one can obtain a better quality and speed. By increasing the management bandwidth, companies are able to focus more toward their strategic goals by allowing their partners to manage offshore applications.

Accendo Technologies provide ideal solutions for offshore application maintenance and development. By redefining new business perspectives, most of the business challenges can be met by leveraging its technological expertise. Offshore teams tend to execute applications at a much faster pace when compared to the in-house team of a particular company. By forming alliances with all kinds of business, Accendo Technologies helps businesses to improve further with the aid of its offshore services.

Complying with the industry standards by adopting a SLA driven approach, this company enables smooth-running of businesses. With proven reliability, Accendo Technologies tops the list in providing all kinds of application maintenance and development services. It is the extraordinary technology leveraged by them that helps businesses to trust them and get benefitted.

Be it application maintenance or development, efficient processes employed aid in quality and on-time delivery of solutions. The main attributes for successful solutions include stringent quality techniques and standard practices. Any sort of technological advancement to be introduced in the existing application would incur a lot of cost. Hence, the option, provided by Accendo Technolgies, including effective methodology and maximum flexibility helps IT companies to combat challenges of stringent budgets and on-time delivery solutions. Early management of applications would also help in enhancing the application productivity as well. Be it complex applications development for PHP, MySQL, Microsoft .Net, Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics, or offshore application maintenance the team is qualified in all streams providing excellent results.

Their major services include:

  • Application Designing and development services over wide level of platform Architecture solutions
  • Technology transformation services, i.e. to from the current used technology to a new better technology
  • Application up gradation service
  • Application maintenance of level 1, 2 and 3

Being a renowned leader, it includes different phases of software development life cycle that include converting business requirements to project demands with the help of effective implementation and after sales support. As a result, the company ensures that its clients are provided with effective scalable and flexible applications that are delivered on-time without many hassles. Not only will these software applications be delivered in the appropriate time, but would also be free from any kind of errors.

With these bench marked practices and experienced delivery services provided by Accendo Technologies, the overall operating costs of its clients have been reduced by 60 percent. With the adoption of a metrics driven approach, the company ensures to satisfy clients by providing optimal solutions.