Effective Application Migration and Maintenance help build better Businesses

An established customer base forms the basis of any business. If one wants to get successful in their business, there is no two-way thought that exceptional customer service is the most pivotal criteria. The motto ‘Customer is our King’ has to be well-adapted by the businesses. In a survey of American Express Global Customer Service Barometer 2012, it was noticed that about 75% Americans have trusted and stayed on with a particular business mainly because of satisfaction gained from company’s customer services.

Accendo Technologies, pioneers of technological applications, helps businesses increase their clientele. Proficient in catering to different sectors such as real estate, healthcare, education and media, it offers services like application development, quality assurance, and application re-engineering and application migration.

Application migration and maintenance offer umpteen benefits for small and large scale businesses to keep pace with emerging technologies. Not only the company’s processes get streamlined by adaptation of SLA framework, but it also benefits in long run by providing stability, preventive maintenance and long-term functionality.

For any application, though easy to use, it requires proper maintenance. Accendo Technologies, Application maintenance service includes following benefits:

  • Adaptive assistance – Keeping in focus present continuity of business what new technological initiatives can be adapted
  • Security assistance – Support for maintenance of dysfunctional features
  • Enhancement assistance – Identify issues at its origin and apply permanent fixes

Additional highlight of its working strategy are proper documentation of data, which is efficiently handled. With the expertise of Accendo Technologies, businesses can heave a big sigh of relief as it ensures smooth running of applications. By outsourcing application maintenance, both cost and time can be saved to a great extent. This company does not merely maintain the CRM applications, but also works on continuous testing and reengineering to develop more efficiency in such applications. Be whatever application, Accendo Technologies ensures that application run smoothly without any hassles.

In most cases, businesses need some kind of shift from their existing application to some other better application. That is where the need for application migration would come. IT is ever evolving and the applications need to be modernized and migrated at an interval to compete the emerging technologies. This company works by conducting a thorough analysis on the existing applications of a business and figure out those that are going to shrink and does not add any value to the chain. With the help of its application migration framework, it migrates the required application using standard security guidelines smoothly without affecting client’s day-to-day business. In order to ensure that client’s critical data is well-protected and timely migrated, the highly experienced and skilled staff engages themselves completely work out methodically and according to customer needs.

Furnished with the right technical expertise to design and develop powerful application migration strategy, Accendo Technologies can change the way you consider application migration and maintenance forever.

The impact of mobile technology on business

Smart phones have now become a part of life. It has become a part of your personality today. With thousands of brands and millions of mobile models people now have plenty of choices in hand. They can search and find out the latest mobile set they want. With this growing demand the mobile companies are now introducing newer strategies to impress the customers even more to increase their potential customer base. The selling rate of mobile phones has increased more than 50% since 2010. Then there are the tablets and phablets. Even a few years back tablet used to be a luxury for many people. Today, most people have tablets and they have become pretty comfortable using their 7 inches and 10 inches tablets. Some people are opting for Phablets- the new term in the cellular world. There are phones where the screen size varies between 4inches to 6inches. These devices are known as the phablets- the combination of phone and tablet.

With the usage of android, IOS and other popular mobile operating systems various new business are now trying to use these in favor of their business. To satisfy their customers, to improve work force and to improve connectivity with the customers various new application are there. It is giving the companies the required edge over their business competitors. In last few decades the mentality and expectation of the people have changed. In this era of computers and mobiles they want more flexibility. With the new mobile applications they are getting the much needed freedom and flexibility.

Customers now want to order things using their mobile application or they want to pay their utility bills using the mobile applications. That is why the companies are now coming up new and useful applications for their products and services. The mobile application development sector is working hard to keep up with the expectation of the users.

Man-machine interaction is known as multimodality. Earlier, during the age of IVR you need to use your keypad to communicate with the systems. Now with the voice recognition things have become easier. Now with the use of new age technologies communication have become less painful and more effective. With the new age technologies you can now easily keep an eye on your employees even when you are on the go. This way you will get to know about your employees and their productivities. Update mobile technologies have definitely made the world stronger and better place. Be it your employees or your customer everyone can now be reachable easily. It would definitely be beneficial for your business. Keeping with the trend, Accendo technologies is providing mobile application development to various sectors like health care, real estate, manufacturing, retail, education, media & entertainment and automobile.