Why to run your business on cloud platform

Salesforce crm is a software solution which keeps track of all the different stages involved in carrying out a sales activity. Its procedures are implemented mainly to achieve business objectives efficiently. Salesforce CRM solutions are widely adopted in areas which involve marketing and management activities together. Salesforce crm includes a set of procedures and methods which brings complete automation of sales activities and management of work force. With its strong expertise in providing robust and innovative applications, Salesforce crm assists businesses functioning in various different areas to combat performance and procedural issues, retain customers and attain new levels of success.

Keeping in mind the current business trends and the speed with which the industry is progressing, various applications are built to increase business efficiency. Efforts are been laid down to develop faster and efficient performance check application without increasing the cost of the software solutions. Regular performance check is carried out to supervise its alignment with the vision and expectation of the business organization. As compared to the traditional Customer Relationship Management Software, Salesforce software solutions provide advanced features that help to generate more success, sales leads, profit and increased growth of the business. With quick implementation of cloud based solutions provided by Salesforce team at Accendo Technologies, it pay off instantly by making you stand ahead of competitors and progress at a faster pace.

Salesforce on Cloud platforms enables an organization with the required resources to develop and run business applications online. Some of the benefits of Salesforce on cloud platform helps business make consistent progress and quick achievement of goal.

• Distinct business applications to cater the needs of distinct business areas
Salesforce application built on cloud platform technology helps customers to create large size efficient non sales applications.
• Maximize production in less time
Salesforce application built on cloud platform technology helps to achieve maximum production output in considerably less time and with fewer workforces.
• Generation of quick deliverables
With the use of Salesforce application built on cloud platform technology, business application has observed an improvement in the “time to market” by more than sixty percent. Salesforce crm software solution helps in increasing number of applications developed on yearly basis by more than seventy percent.
• Increase in profitability and efficiency of business
Salesforce application built on cloud platform technology brings automation in business processes which help to get tasks done easily in less time and effort while maintaining the quality. As fewer employees are required to accomplish the task it helps to cut down the money spend on income of these employees.
• Increase in savings due to less infrastructure requirement
Cloud platform technology enables applications to run on the internet. With lesser investment on hardware and software to be installed for development of cloud based applications, business organizations saves considerable amount of money.

Salesforce crm can be used with social media tools like emailing, cell phones, social media sites like facebook, twitter etc for promoting wide variety of products. This brings maximum generation of sales. With its advanced set of application programming interface and methods helps in developing quick and efficient application to engage with customers, workplace employees, clients and other high level applications.

Cloud Computing Simplifying Data Storage, Saving In-house Expenses

Businesses are investing on technology more than ever before. Thanks to technologies like cloud computing that businesses are being able to keep a check in their in-house cost and expenses. In cloud space you can store files and applications so that you can get easy access to such anytime, anywhere and even on the move. Anyone working in your company can access the data stored in cloud provided he has the permission to access such.

However, things were not as easy 5 years back. Businesses were forced to shell out significant money to acquire equipments so that they can maintain resources and computing power effectively. But, thanks to the advent of cloud computing that businesses are slowly drifting away from purchasing excruciatingly priced data storage device, thereby reducing overall expenses of the company to a significant level. Also, implementation of cloud in business models has helped businesses to save office space, which otherwise were usurped by equipments. To give you a clearer picture, here’s how outsourcing your storage needs keeps you away from hassles involving in-house technological equipments.

  • Curbs overall expenses and saves office space: According to a research conducted by Computer Economics, organizations utilizing cloud computing solutions save more than 15% in IT expenses. If you do a bit of research on the web, you will find most businesses utilizing cloud computing technology doesn’t require in-house servers. This in turn saves a lot of office space and therefore reduces in-house expenses automatically. How? Well, post-recession, office rental prices have skyrocketed. In New York, office floor prices may shoot up to more that $50 per square feet. And as you know, in-house servers take up a lot of office space. The result? You have to shell out a lot from your pocket only to pay the rent of floor space. Implementing cloud computing nullifies this problem and in the end of every financial year you will see the amount of money you have saved by reducing office floor space.
  • Reduces hardware installation costs: Once your business has switched to cloud computing, your organization won’t need any expensive hardware that requires extensive and costly support. You will also be relieved from high installation, maintenance and repair costs. That will give you the option to inject the ‘saved money’ on other aspects, which will help your company to grow.
  • Work location flexibility options: Earlier, businesses used to find it difficult to manage employees working in different locations. Expenses involved in installation of technological equipment in the employees’ locale used to be huge. Today, businesses have switched from such age old, expensive processes. Storing data in the cloud has made the job much easier for organizations and their employees. Anyone having an access to the server can view the data, even if he is at home. This one-of-a-kind solution allows companies to save equipment installation cost and the expenses involved in running a satellite location.

Solution providers like Accendo Technologies are effectively providing cloud computing solutions for businesses of any size and shape. So, will you still use expensive and troublesome in-house servers or are you contemplating to be a part of the cloud computing revolution?

Role of Salesforce CRM in transforming Sales and Marketing Campaign

Today the major requirement is not just the customization but also a detailed understanding of the business domain of the customer is necessary. While working with Salesforce CRM the prime focus should be to analyze the business domain of the customer and help him in achieving their business goals.

Salesforce CRM are information systems that helps in automating sales, marketing and managing functions related to sales force. It keeps track of various sales activities like forecasting of sales, managing sales orders, product knowledge etc. It tracks all the details about contacts made with the customer like when was the customer contacted, reason behind the contact and any follow-ups required. This system also identifies those customers which can help an organization in providing sales leads. In this way sales processes are managed effectively and efficiently. This leads to customer satisfaction and builds a long term relationship with the customer.

Some of its benefits lies in building credibility among customers, provides efficient and time bound service to customers, helps in resolving to their queries effectively thus increasing the number of satisfied customers. Salesforce team at Accendo Technologies provides Application Programming Interface and methods to build quick applications that help in making efficient and better communication with customers, employees, partners and devices and apps to be invented in future. It combines various social media sites and communication means like email, mobile, facebook, twitter etc with any marketing product like bicycle to cream and converts consumers into clients successfully.

Accendo Technologies domain centric solution and approach helps in organizing complex business areas into a simple one, and makes them transparent and visible in the entire process of automating sales, operations, distribution and resource availability. It is very important for marketers to track the sales obtained as a result of generation of leads. These leads are generated through marketing campaigns conducted on site, emails, Google Adwords etc.

In order to provide efficient service to customers, connection of communications happening on various social networking sites needs to be done. This helps in solving customers queries quickly and helps in achieving long term relationship and trust with customers.

Three essential characteristics of Customer Relationship Management system which helps us getting the maximum deliverables is:

• It should be highly reliable
• It should deliver high functionalities
• It should be easily maintained
• It should be safe to use

The Salesforce team at Accendo Technologies performs various tasks such as monitoring and analyzing activities of their team. This helps them to forecast sales and sales related plan in a sophisticated manner. These solutions manages customer profile and handles customer case studies thus company can invest more time in empowering them with expertise.

salesforce CRM companies in India

Salesforce Companies in India Continue to Dominate Businesses with its Effective Applications

Maintaining customer base is the most essential criteria for any business. In order for a business to expand, it needs to be well equipped with its customer requirements and demands. It is also important to have an idea of the market as well.

For this very purpose of meeting the expectations of customers, businesses are implementing integrated Customer Relationship Management system or CRM. Such a software application plays a very crucial role in streamlining business processes as well as establishing connections with customers.

Being an integrated system, CRM helps businesses achieve their targets efficiently and accurately. Meeting customer demands promptly help businesses expand their clientele. With and efficient solution like CRM, customers feel privileged that they also form an integral part of the business and in turn help in expanding the business.

One of the most effective CRM solutions, Salesforce CRM is a software application based on the cloud computing platform. Delivered by Accendo Technologies, one of the Salesforce companies in India, this software application enables companies to connect easily with customers. Not only customers, such a solution is ideal in maintaining a good rapport even with employees and business prospects as well.

Such efficient is its working that a business is able to share information effectively across its clients thereby increasing the number of business opportunities. Accendo Technolgies, being one among the Salesforce companies in India, deliver such innovative and flexible software solutions that cater to specific requirements of businesses.

Using Salesforce CRM applications, business can also integrate as well as develop certain customized apps that further help employees to work more effectively and efficiently. Easy connection modes and sharing required information across employees and customers of the company form the major advantages of using this application.

The other reason why Salesforce companies in India are getting popular is the secure working mode of Salesforce CRM and its unique capability to integrate with the most commonly used search engine, Google. Various mobile and desktop applications, which are developed using this, enable employer to stay in touch with employees. The built-in analytics feature of this application makes it ideal for usage across diverse departments of a company.
Another striking feature of Salesforce CRM is maintenance of a content library. Such a library serves as a repository for all important information pertaining to a business. Apart from these features, companies can utilize program management and tracking tools that help in efficient working of the organization. Even activities like social media strategy can be planned that can be circulated among team members.

For a smooth integration of business processes, the best solution is Salesforce CRM. Even application migration can be completed with the aid of such software applications.