Benefits of using Salesforce CRM in a business

Most of the companies across the world are adopting Salesforce CRM software solutions to bring a change in their methodology and functional patterns adopted in carrying the business. To move from traditional to advanced methodologies and automation of their processes this software is widely trusted and accepted. Accendo Technologies with its customized Salesforce implementation solutions enables business organizations maximize their sales and revenue and minimize customer churn through complete integration of sales and customer service processes.

Some of the benefits of using Salesforce CRM have been mentioned below:

Convenient to use:
The most important aspect of any software solution lies in the convenience of using it. This software solution has been appreciated and implemented by a large set of business firms from small level to large level function in various fields like advertising, sports, textiles etc. Being able to work on this technology is easy and does not require past work experience. This software provides a self understood, user friendly interface that helps a person with no prior experience to learn and work on it easily. Some software solutions demands programming skills for an employee to work on it. This is not the case with Salesforce CRM as the employee is not required to get into the details of programming and other related software procedures. This makes it easy and convenient to work with Salesforce CRM.

Extraordinary performance with rigid security:
Salesforce CRM helps to properly integrate various business departments together. This helps to make the flow of information between business areas like production, inventory, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, Human Resource system efficiently. It helps to gather valuable customer data at one single place. Applications developed using this software can be accessed and run on variety of devices like cell phones, laptop, desktop, ipads etc.

Salesforce software provides trusted security that makes sure that critical customer information does not go into wrong hands. It focuses on providing valuable services to its customers by timely attending to their queries and providing them best possible resolution on time. Accendo Technologies provide Salesforce implementation solutions in accordance to individual business requirements that helps to manage projects effectively, saves from unnecessary expenditure and offer incredible customer services.

Scalable and efficient customization to meet business goals:
Every business has its different vision and goals. Salesforce CRM adapts effectively to meet requirements of each and every business and efficiently align to its business goals. It easily integrates distinct business models and can be accessed from anywhere at any point of time.

Huge range of resources built on advanced technology:
On the expense of considerable time, capital and effort this software provides its customers best quality resources that help business to be at par with other businesses in the market. For helping out users in dealing with issues or to share valuable knowledge with users it provides helpful learning resources, articles, ebook, videos and chats.

Easy and Convenient Social App:
These days there are useful apps that help users to carry out variety of tasks just with a click of a button. Salesforce also provide a place called “AppExchange” which lets users effortlessly download, install and access various useful applications in no time. Salesforce CRM provides users with a rich set of tools, processes and options that increases overall productivity of business.

How Salesforce CRM helps in managing sales related processes

Salesforce CRM consists of a set of wide range of tools and applications to manage sales tasks effectively and quickly. It has been the most preferred software for many progressing companies, growing businesses and firms etc. On efficient usage of this software it helps to get high percentage of consumer satisfaction, increase in sales and profit and decrease in overall business expenditure. This software can be used by business working in any areas like tourism, health and medical business, engineering, accounting firms etc.

Salesforce CRM consist of a rich set of advanced tools, methods, application programming interface (API) which helps to develop application to get enhanced customer engagement, quick and easy connection with clients, employees, consumers and other electronic equipments and applications.

Salesforce CRM allows companies to get clear information about their consumers. This information is available in real time basis by sales team. This software helps you efficiently track and deal with the pending sales projects in comparison to other CRM software. This software automates business processes, provides co-ordination among different business departments, sharing of information from one business department to another, provides effective customer support etc

With Salesforce CRM following sales relates activities can manage anytime from anywhere.

  • You can make a record of all sales communications
  • You can consider high priority sales opportunities on priority basis
  • You can create a dashboard wherein you can mention the requirements of products, invoices, delivery time etc. This helps you check the sales details anytime anywhere.
  • If you are outside your office or travelling then also with this software you can co-ordinate and track minute insight about sales activities like knowing the stage of sales processes, tracking the sufficiency of sales products, getting information related to product quotation, identifying the area where maximum sales opportunities are coming, remain aware of the customer’s requirements and queries and help them to give best and quick resolution.
  • Dashboard is a unique feature offered by Salesforce CRM. This allows managers, sales representatives and executives to get a complete real time insight into your business. With reports generated on real time basis and calculations it helps Accendo Technologies make better planning and efficient allocation of time, money and labour.

Salesforce CRM provide innumerable valuable tools, robust customization, secure and user friendly interface that helps you to conveniently align your sales and other business processes with the software and get the best quality experience and achieve unprecedented growth of your business.

Top benefits of successful Salesforce consulting and implementation in your business

Salesforce implementation helps business to not only get more customer engagement, but also results in the progress of business. It assists in various business areas like sales, marketing, customer support and maintenance related activities. Team at Accendo Technologies studies business requirements and formulate an implementation scope. This helps organizations to begin small and scale up depending on the requirements.

The advanced technologies and latest automation tools provided of Salesforce software helps in maintaining the quality of data. Accendo Technologies works in close collaboration with sales and marketing teams for successful Salesforce consulting and implementation. This enhances customer loyalty by transforming the way an organization communicates with its customers across various touch points. The procedure also consists of properly educating sales representatives, marketing team and managers about its interface followed by its usage.

Some of the ways that will help in finding out whether you require a Salesforce consultation and implementation:

Salesforce is the most popular and widely used customer relationship management solution in the entire business industry. Unlike the various other CRM solutions available in the market, Salesforce CRM is compatible on machines installed with different operating systems, hardware and software. Salesforce CRM offers users to customize the software on the basis of the requirements of the business. With its rich set of automated tools and methods it allows to generate data and reports rapidly and automatically.

If you want to enhance the efficiency of your sales processes and generate maximum sales leads then you should definitely go for professional Salesforce consulting and implementation.

  • Salesforce CRM software provides complete training to the employees so that they can learn the interface, usage, processes quickly and easily. It makes them appreciate the convenience, accuracy and effectiveness of its processes and realize how easily and quickly they can perform their tasks.
  • Sometimes it happens in business when you are not able to figure out the reason behind incapability of making profit. Taking a Salesforce consultation and implementation helps you rectify errors in your application properly and develop a plan which helps increase application performance and thereby getting desired output you have always been wanting for.
  • Salesforce helps in providing better engagement opportunities with clients. With the advent of social media sites like facebook, twitter, Emails it has become very easy now to interact with clients and know their views. It is not that only the sales team which represents company online and offline, customers are also a very important aspect in building a brand name for a company. So, it is really required to have a well defined action plan which provides engagement techniques with the customers from the time of receiving sales request to making delivery of product. This shows customers that the company values their opinions and takes care of their requirements. This impression helps in getting good name about the business and social media spreads it everywhere.

Accendo Technologies helps in implementing Salesforce CRM that streamline business processes and assist organizations manage working relationships with suppliers and dealers efficiently.

Why you really need a salesforce crm

Salesforce CRM offers solutions for managing the entire process of sales activity. It provides you facility to initiate sales, maintain records of sales activities, supplies products to customers, makes efficient and timely product delivery, solve customer related queries and complaints and provides instant customer updates to take immediate actionable, end sales opportunities with comments. Thus with Salesforce CRM you can carry out all your sales related activities wherever you are easily.

Some of the reasons have been mentioned below why Salesforce CRM is useful for small scale industries:

  • Sometimes the sales information you get from your sales employees is huge and scattered. It becomes hard to understand and manage in absence of Salesforce CRM. Salesforce CRM provided by Accendo Technologies helps to organize the information efficiently and make it workable. This information is then passed to different company’s processes for effective implementation.
  • Besides implementing sales activities, Salesforce CRM also helps companies to notice the areas that have been ignored and needs attention. For a company’s to make progress it is equally important to take measures to activate stagnant accounts.
  • With Salesforce CRM offered by Accendo Technologies, senior sales employees can define targets and assign them to other team workers. This helps in effective distribution of task and thus helps in achieving successful completion of task
  • Salesforce CRM helps in making right decisions and maximizes your sales. It will help you analyze the sales related areas which are under performing. It provides new ways to leverage your business. It helps in making your data accessible in real time scenarios and connected to centralized database.
  • You don’t need any special hardware or software to utilize the features of Salesforce CRM. All tasks related to sales leads, analysis, feedback, releasing instant updates, task allocation and improving the quality of data is done without spending a penny on installation of any specific hardware or software. With Salesforce CRM we get many functionalities grouped in single software, thus it saves money and improves efficiency. So it is a best option for small scale industries.
  • Salesforce CRM is not much expensive. Salesforce CRM provided by Accendo Technologies helps you increase your customer base and maintain your budget at the same time. In few days you will be ready to avail the world’s most popular and appreciated customer management solutions. Salesforce CRM is also available as “pay as you go” model, this helps in getting success with minimum investment of capital.

salesforce CRM companies in India

Salesforce Companies in India Continue to Dominate Businesses with its Effective Applications

Maintaining customer base is the most essential criteria for any business. In order for a business to expand, it needs to be well equipped with its customer requirements and demands. It is also important to have an idea of the market as well.

For this very purpose of meeting the expectations of customers, businesses are implementing integrated Customer Relationship Management system or CRM. Such a software application plays a very crucial role in streamlining business processes as well as establishing connections with customers.

Being an integrated system, CRM helps businesses achieve their targets efficiently and accurately. Meeting customer demands promptly help businesses expand their clientele. With and efficient solution like CRM, customers feel privileged that they also form an integral part of the business and in turn help in expanding the business.

One of the most effective CRM solutions, Salesforce CRM is a software application based on the cloud computing platform. Delivered by Accendo Technologies, one of the Salesforce companies in India, this software application enables companies to connect easily with customers. Not only customers, such a solution is ideal in maintaining a good rapport even with employees and business prospects as well.

Such efficient is its working that a business is able to share information effectively across its clients thereby increasing the number of business opportunities. Accendo Technolgies, being one among the Salesforce companies in India, deliver such innovative and flexible software solutions that cater to specific requirements of businesses.

Using Salesforce CRM applications, business can also integrate as well as develop certain customized apps that further help employees to work more effectively and efficiently. Easy connection modes and sharing required information across employees and customers of the company form the major advantages of using this application.

The other reason why Salesforce companies in India are getting popular is the secure working mode of Salesforce CRM and its unique capability to integrate with the most commonly used search engine, Google. Various mobile and desktop applications, which are developed using this, enable employer to stay in touch with employees. The built-in analytics feature of this application makes it ideal for usage across diverse departments of a company.
Another striking feature of Salesforce CRM is maintenance of a content library. Such a library serves as a repository for all important information pertaining to a business. Apart from these features, companies can utilize program management and tracking tools that help in efficient working of the organization. Even activities like social media strategy can be planned that can be circulated among team members.

For a smooth integration of business processes, the best solution is Salesforce CRM. Even application migration can be completed with the aid of such software applications.

Salesforce CRM The Latest Innovation In The CRM Applications

Have you ever thought of having CRM software? Is the current one less productive and non-user-friendly? Seemingly, this is the most common problem that organizations face in terms of CRM applications. They always have to go through the painstaking aspect of understanding how the software works and whether it is easy to use or not.

Well! That is the thing of the past. You can check out the new CRM program that has come to the market- Salesforce. This awesome CRM is perfect for our B2B or B2C business. Not only it is effective but has got quite a lot of innovative features and advantages. The following are some of them –

Apt For Any Kind of Business Type

Salesforce CRM is more B2B oriented; however, there are quite a lot of B2C companies who use this solution as well. This CRM solution is apt for call centers, restaurants, retailers, and the list goes on and on.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about the number of employees. While small-scale business may not need a robust system offered by Salesforce, however this application is easy to use and understand. This can be the driving force for purchasing this CRM solution.


When compared to other CRM software available, Salesforce is quite economical and efficient when you consider its advantages and various aspects. Whether yours is B2B or B2C business, this CRM software can be best thing. You can greatly reduce on day to day spending by installing this CRM program for the efficient functioning of your day-to-day activities of your company.

Easy and Customer-Friendly

The best part of using Salesforce CRM is that it gives you the exact requirement that you want. You get the graphical interface that helps your employees to use the software. Employees like those software which have good visuals and display fields which are required. In addition, you can try out the demo version of Salesforce before selecting it.

Executing Marketing Initiative

The biggest advantage of using Salesforce is that it helps in executing the marketing initiatives that you always wanted. Salesforce CRM is reliable application software where you can handle more lead generation activities and nurture mass email capabilities.

To conclude, there may be variety of CRM solutions, but what gives Salesforce a plus point is the ability to understand the needs and requirements of its clients. In short, this CRM solution is flexible and easy to use.

Salesforce Consultant in Hyderabad

Today, Salesforce is the most wide-known and the largest CRM used by numerous of businesses. Salesforce have earned this remarkable level of success because of its wide ranging resources and far-fetched benefits. It offers various benefits and different companies may find it beneficial in some different ways as this is suitable for distinct fields. With the help of salesforce CRM you can sell your products more commendably with better real-time visibility and sales tracking. This will also help you in attaining maximum productivity from your inputs.

The integrated solutions of saleforce CRM enable users to increase the value of every part of the customer life-cycle and also offer multi-channel campaigns. Any individual can use it even the person is not having much experience in technical field. It provides data security and protection so that you can have peace of mind that your delicate information is kept confidential. By understanding its fantastic benefits one can easily expand his/her business and can reach to the great heights of success.

For the people who are new to the term and want to know more amazing and effective benefits that salesforce CRM system can deliver to their business, taking help of Salesforce consultant in Hyderabad, India is the perfect option. When you go through web for searching the best salesforce consultant, Accendo Technologies will be the name in top ranking that can help you at every step you need.

Accendo Technologies is one of the best salesforce consultants in Hyderabad specialized in helping individuals to improve their customer relationship and work flow. You can discuss needs and workflow of your business with our well-renowned and highly skilled consultants. They are committed to provide the best suited solutions for you bringing new rays of hope for your business.

Salesforce consultants can help you to understand its several benefits like data collaboration, managing orders, identifying competitors, keeping history of customers and much more facilities that can help to streamline the entire fulfillment procedure. This can also cut down on paperwork, results in making your team to focus on selling and enhancing the overall growth of your company.

You can also serve your customers with the best possible services, like delivering their orders in timely manner. This will ultimately perk up customer satisfaction and make you to formulate long-term relationships with your customers. This also aid in determining the areas of your business that needs improvement and by identifying such things you can strengthen your work ambiance and process.

Therefore, take help of the best Salesforce consultants for your business and make your business visible worldwide.