Importance of CRM in Sales and Marketing CRM is useful in keeping all customer related data at one place to be accessed from anywhere. It also structures prime business processes to adhere to compliance and conform to prevailing industry norms. Customer relationship management (CRM) applications help you take care of your current and future customers. It also helps in managing various areas like product marketing, its sales and end to end customer support and maintenance at one place. All present and future customers are managed effectively. By having precise and updated customer data you are sure to make best business plans.

Customer Relationship Management applications has to be easy to use in areas of sales, marketing and service professionals in any type of organization. In order to provide the best possible service to their customers it is required that they gather all the communication that happened on social media sites like facebook, twitter and emails. When combining communication with the internal knowledge used by sales employees on a daily basis helps in increasing rate of adoption

Salesforce CRM Solutions at Accendo Technologies track sales processes provides brief view of its performance, sales report analysis and estimated revenues. This assists in making correct predictions, precise planning, and customer satisfaction. Also marketing forms can compare which sales programs are creating good number of conversions and sales. CRM helps marketing employees to record the status of leads and its generation, provides path which takes them to desired salesperson in real time, and shows with the help of analytics identifies which technique is useful and which areas needs supervision. With automated key business methods and sub-methods, Salesforce team at Accendo Technologies records the status of expenses incurred in different areas such as travelling expense local, national and international, communication expense across their offices in India.

As the demands for using software as a service are growing day by day, companies are planning to leverage Salesforce CRM for their organization. Accendo technologies provide customised business solutions laid on the foundation of platform. It helps in developing business by incorporating various features of CRM like easy to implement and maintain, secure, customer friendly, cost effective.

They carry out a complete analysis of client’s business and based on that makes an action plan. This action plan is implemented along with advanced interface, business specific tools and methodologies, reliable maintenance support, quick deliverables, high output and performance.

Using CRM an organization increases its sales and marketing data and fulfils its prime objectives of saving time, money and sales automation with minimal implementation efforts.

Salesforce CRM

CRM or Customer Relationship Management helps business owners to handle certain challenges like sales decline or client attrition.

A CRM tool can provide innumerable advantages to a business. It provides a keen eye into the client’s base so that a business owner can ponder the tactics required to built a long-term relationship with the client and formulate strategies that would lead to ground breaking profitability. It also acts as a speedy bookkeeping system. It keeps track of every cent of revenue generated plus shipping costs, product discounts and client returns to come up with an accurate financial report at the end of the year.

Manual business processes can be automated through CRM thus leading to efficiency. It even blocks your path if you go down the road of choosing a wrong target customer segment. Client administration program provides valuable information about durable sales trends so that you can design your sales strategy accordingly.

CRM helps in keeping the customer service fluent and effective by helping the employees to respond to queries effectively. The software also provides an insight into the client’s order pattern thus ensuring no mess-up of any order.

Today CRM is moving towards cloud computing and the traditional expensive servers and software is off the hook. It is easier to maintain and manage customer conversations and information in the cloud and also remove extra costs for maintenance thus leading to a high return on the investments.

Salesforce is leading the cloud platform war. With Salesforce CRM small businesses can get access to top features and facilities available to world’s greatest companies. The Salesforce CRM is a user license based tool that can be easily implemented by IT companies. It provides a platform where all the professional teams can come to work together. Making use of the functionalities like customer management, sales automation and social media analytics provide by Salesforce tools, IT companies can generate more sales and better customer satisfaction in a cost-effective manner.

Salesforce CRM has been proven to increase sales productivity by 32 percent. You can have an easy and simple contact management experience and grow your revenue tremendously with helping insights from the Salesforce enterprise analytics team with fully personalized reports. A plus of Salesforce CRM is that it is mobile and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Salesforce proudly proclaims to be trusted by 100,000 + companies. If you want your sales to scale new heights, then try out Slaesforce CRM today!